Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Julep's Chloe

*Update* You may already know this, if you did you should have told me, but don't use remover in your lacquers. It messes up the chemistry of the polish. Use a thinner. I also heard Essie has a good thinner. --------------I told you that I would show a swatch of Chloe from Julep so I'll share here. The color is a little different. it appears black, but has pink sparkles in it. It is really pretty. The best shot I have doesn't give you the real swatch of the color, but here it is:What do you think?Chloe is very thick. I had to add remover to thin her out and then move fast. If it starts to dry before you're done with that coat you may as well start completely over. This was very frsutrating at first, but after I figured it out it went smoothly. Chloe's reviews aren't very good either. She gets a 1.5 out of 5 stars. Here is what she looks like in the bottle on Julep's site:Can you see the pick sparkles? She is very adorable, but a little difficult to work with. Hope this helps anyone interested.Until you read again...Hearts&Hearts -Tam

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