Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Try It On Tuesday!

Neon Melon, Irish Green, Intense Pink

My Try It On Tuesday post today is a little nail art and colors I haven't used before. I'm not a nail art guru or anything. I think nail art is really interesting and pretty. I never really have luck with it, but I decided to Try It On Tuesday :-).

I wanted to use neon colors and I chose Sinful Colors Irish Green and Neon Melon and also L.A. Colors striper called Intense Pink. I started by painting my baby finger, ring finger and first finger with Irish Green. I painted my middle finger and thumb with Neon Melon. I had no idea what to do from here so I topped each nail off with Seche Vite.

Once completely dry, I tapped each Irish Green nail diagonal and painted the corners using Neon Melon. I removed the tape and topped with Seche Vite again. Once dried, I added an Intense Pink stripe between the Irish Green and Neon Melon.

 On to the Neon Melon nails: I added dots and a pretty pink flower :-). I added vertical dots on the left side of each Neon Melon nails and then added the flower on the right side of the nail. I made the flower by adding dots in a circular pattern and then putting an Irish Green dot in the middle.

Before I show you the pictures I need to explain somethings. I wasn't entirely happy with this Mani when I did it. I kept it on and slept on it before I took the pictures. I didn't do any cleanup because I really didn't like them and I planned to remove it. I didn't have time to and kept this on longer than I wanted, but I did get some compliments. I'll share these with you guys, but again no cleanup was done :-(

In hindsight, I wish I would've cleaned them up because they aren't terrible for a beginner, right?

What do you think of one of my first nail art project?

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cream Pink By Sinful Colors

I have really been into bright colors lately. Cream Pink by Sinful Colors is a warm/bright pink with shimmer throughout. I really liked this color because the shimmer was a complete surprise. I thought this magenta pink color would be just a regular pink creme and, of course, I was wrong!! It's always nice to be surprised with a polish especially when there are so many out there. 

(Artificial light no flash) 
This picture represents the true to life 
color of Cream Pink

(Flash only)

(Flash only)
This picture and the one above show the
shimmer in Cream Pink.

The shimmer up close! It's a beauty 
and doesn't overwhelm the color.

I'm not really a pink polish person, but recently I have been drawn to them. The formula on Cream Pink was pretty good. I had no application issues and only used two coats and top coat.

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(Cream Pink was purchased with my own money. I wasn't paid for this review and all opinions are my own.)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We like to Party!!!

Every time I look at my tips I get excited!! Why? Because, I'm wearing Party by KB Shimmer and it makes me wanna dance!! I'm not exaggerating either. I say this because The name of the polish is Party and it makes me think of the Beyonce' song, "Party." The polish also reminds me of a party which is probably why it was named Party!! Lol.

The polish is a white base (I love white bases!!) with different color glitters throughout. KB Shimmer included medium hexes, medium square and small hexes. The colors include red, blue, purple, green and gold. This variations make me think of confetti at a party!

This polish is very easy to work with. The application was easy and the formula was perfect. I had no issues. After I applied the first coat, I contemplated leaving it at just the one coat. It covered well and the glitters showed up so beautifully. I thought adding a second coat would make the white base too opaque covering up all of the lovely glitters, but I'm happy to say I was WRONG!!! The second coat was a plus. The white did get more opaque, but the glitters still stood out. This is easily my favorite of the white based creations that I've tried. I'm so in love with it. I'm not even sure if I can take it off.

Okay enough of my babbling, take a looky:

(Natural Light)

(Natural Light)

(Artificial Light)

What do you think of Party?

Click link to see KB Shimmer Key Lime Pie.

Thanks For reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(For up to date info on KB Shimmer you can find them on Facebook!)

*(Party was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. I wasn't paid for this review.)

Here's the video, in case you wanted to see what I was hearing in my head and were unfamiliar.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Candeo Joker- Try It On Tuesday

Today I'm participating in "Try It On Tuesday." Some bloggers and I have come together and decided that we will try our "untrieds" on Tuesdays and make a blog post about it. I'm not technically great at nail art so I kept my "try" simple. I went with the lovely Candeo Joker.

Joker is made up of different shades of blue and purple hex glitters suspended in a clear base. It applied okay. The first coat was basically bare and the second coat covered most of the nail. I didn't want to use a base color because I wanted to judge the polish by itself. I also like the look of the glitters on a clear nail.

Two coats were used.

I adore this color combination! I also like it in a clear
base because I have the choice to layer this polish over
a color or keep the base clear!

Joker gets a thumbs up from me! I love the colors, the look of it and how it looks after two coats!!

I was sent Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat from Sally Hansen. I've started to use this top coat with chunky glitters. With one coat of the Diamond Strength Top Coat your glitter mani is smooth!!

What do you think of Joker?

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

*(Joker was purchased with my own money; however Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat was sent for review. All above opinions are my own. I wasn't paid for this review.) 

Monday, June 18, 2012

NOTD Zoya Paz

Today's NOTD post is Zoya PazPaz is a beautiful Summer time color. She is from Zoya La-Di-Da Collection. She is a warm ultra bright orange, which is very hard to capture in pictures. I was immediately drawn to Paz because of her color. The shade is so perfect for this time of year. I find my self only wanting to wear neons and brights. Do you?

Zoya describes Paz as, "Ultra-bright glowing neon traffic-cone orange creme. This outrageous shade is sure to stop traffic." I definitely agree with the Traffic cone color match!! I don't totally agree that Paz is a creme. Like Elodie (found here), Paz has a jelly-like formula. 

(Please excuse my cuticles here.
 They are peeling for lack of moisturizing during vacation)

The above pictures were taken in natural light and a flash. It was very difficult to capture the true color. Again, think traffic cone orange. When taken indoors or under artificial light Paz looks dark orange or red. The formula was great, which usually describes Zoya polishes. The application was wonderful as well. Paz does dry with a not so shiny finish, but once the top coat is added it is shiny. The pictures show two coats of Paz and a top coat. 

What do you think of Paz? Too bright or just right?

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

*(Paz was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. I wasn't paid for this review.)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pretty & Polished Sand Art

Sand Art has been on a lot of people's radar. I'd heard so much about it that I realized I must have it. I needed to see what all the hype was about. Sand Art looks just like Sand art. Do you remember layering sand? Well, yeah it's like that.

Sand Art, the polish,  looks like this:

It's gorgeous. I layered it on top of 
Julep's Sasha found here

Here are more pictures of my lovely combination:

I added an accent nail using the Yellow from 
The New Black Runway Kit.

Sand Art layered nicely in this manicure. I had no issues with application or formula. I'm so glad I bought a Full size of this one. I received so many compliments on this mani. My boys said my nails looked like candy. I even heard they looked like jawbreakers. :-) I did explain that was another polish.

Do you like Sand Art? What is you opinion of it? Please share below.

Check out more updates on Pretty & Polished here.

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(Sand Art was purchased by me and all opinions are my own. I wasn't paid for this review.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swing from Pretty & Polished

I know a lot of us have been into Indies lately and I'm no exception. I have definitely been into Pretty & Polished polishes lately. The one that I'm going to show you today is Swing. I bought this back when she opened up to sell only minis. I now know that I NEED a full size of this!

Swing has a red jelly base with varying shapes and sizes of black and white glitters. Did I ever tell you guys that I love black, white and red combination? If not I'm telling you now. I'm in love with this polish. Take a look at the bottle shot:

It looks so pretty!!

I was surprised at how easily it applied. The formula is good as well. I just wished I could get more of the big chunks to the top. I had to do a few upside down maneuvers to get to the goods, but it was worth it. This polish is jelly heaven!!

I applied two coats and a top coat. Because Swing is a jelly it allows for a great layered effect with the glitters. I really need a Full size Swing immediately!!

You can find Pretty & Polished on Facebook for up to date news.

What do you think of Swing? Do you have it?

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(Swing was purchased by me and all opinions are my own. I wasn't paid for this review.)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Gossip anyone?

Zoya Elodie is from their Gossip Collection. Elodie is a bright orange/coral/pink creme-jelly. I know that sounds weird, but trust me. This color is a must have. The color is sort of watermelon colored, but much brighter. She gives you the hot pink vibe with her brightness. Zoya classifies Elodie as a creme, but I think she's a mix of creme and jelly. I tend to lean more toward a jelly. She applies like a jelly and I used three coats to get the desired effect.

Elodie is lovely. Like most Zoya polishes, she applied very well and the formula is AH-mazing. Take a look:

No flash.
This is the closest I could get to Elodie's true color.

Elodie looks similar to Kate from the Blogger Trio found here. They looks similar, but they aren't dupes.

Elodie can be found at Zoya.com here.

Do you have Elodie? What do you think she should be classified as, a creme or jelly? Please share in the comment section.

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(Elodie was purchased by me and all opinions are my own. I wasn't paid for this review.)

Friday, June 8, 2012

The New Black Runway Kit

The New Black Runway Kit consists of eight different colors. They don't have names, but they have Personality. Check them out below:

The New Black Runway Kit

Top left is an orange creme. She's a bright Orange beauty!!
The next one is a metallic green. Like all metallics I've come in contact with, you do see brush strokes in this green.
Then there is a neutral. This is a classic tan creme which is perfect for the office.
The periwinkle color is next. It also has a beautiful shimmer to it. In some lights its baby blue and others a soft purple. You can't go wrong with this shade.
The brick orange jelly is next. It is one of my faves! Goes on great! No issues with this one.
What would this kit be without the classic yellow? This is an adorable yellow creme! With two coats and a top coat, the yellow is perfection!!
The navy blue is to die for. You only need one coat and a top coat. Love!
Lastly, orange with a shimmer. In some light this color has a coral shimmer. This is perfect for the summer!!

Let's take a closer look at these colors in a skittle mani!

The colors I chose here are perfect for the neons 
and brights that are so in right now! I love these
together. You can also do a Ombre Mani with 
these colors! Summer Perfection!

The colors here are perfect together as well. They seem a
 little more neutral and work great for the Summer nights
or late Summer transitioning into Fall! 

I really love the way The New Black puts their kits together. In The New Black Runway Kit each color is beautiful; you can go for one color, choose a couple colors or just go skittle mani all the way! The New Black has other kits available and you may remember my other The New Black post I did on the Wave Ombre found here.

You can find The New Black on PinterestFacebook and TumblrThe New Black products are sold at Sephora

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(*The products in this post were sent for my review. All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review.)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

NOTD- KB Shimmer Key Lime Pie

My NOTD post today is KB Shimmer's Key Lime Pie. KB Shimmer is an Indie polish maker and I stumbled across these polishes on Facebook. I really wanted one of  KB Shimmer's other polishes and decided that two would be more bang for my buck. I spotted Key Lime Pie and I thought it was a unique polish. I had never seen a bright neon green with tons of glitter before. I can say I was intrigued!

Key Lime Pie as I stated has a bright neon green base with small green and gold glitters and various sizes of  hex glitters and gold & white bar glitters. This polish is so beautiful in person. I did two coats and I really love the outcome.

Because Key Lime Pie is full of chunky glitter is does get a little thick after being opened for awhile, but I found the formula and application to be very good. I didn't have many problems with it at all. There will be some bar glitters that stick out. All you have to do is move them around to make them lay flat or cut them after your top coat dries. Apply two coats of top coat and your mani will be smooth.

What do you think of this polish? Are you lemming it? What polishes from KB Shimmer are you lemming?

(You can find KB Shimmer on Facebook!)

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(Key Lime Pie was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. I wasn't paid for this review.)

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Julep Maven Box

I received My June Julep Maven Box yesterday. I was quite pleased with the colors. I am an 'It Girl' and I received Sasha, Morgan and Sandra. They are all lovely colors. I have swatches of each to share with you shortly. If you are not a Julep Maven and want to become one click HERE! You can sign up for ONE CENT using code: COLORS4ONE at check out.

Now what I received in my box:

From left to right: Sandra, Morgan and Sasha

Julep Vanilla Mint lip balm, *2 extra brushes and 2 pixie stix.

(*2 brushes received because they got reports of  bad brushes in last month's boxes.)


Julep says Sasha is a "fresh, cantaloupe melon creme." I believe it's more of a watermelon color. Pictures of Sasha's true color are very difficult to capture. The pictures show a cantaloupe color, but it's more watermelon-esque. It's such a beautiful color and I wished I had captured the beautiful rich summery color, but I was unable to. Sasha's formula was okay. It dried a tad too fast, so if you touched the polish accidentally as you were making strokes you could leave some bald spots. Just be careful not to polish over her once she's dried a tad and you'll be fine.

Here's the best I could get:

This is artificial light and no flash. The flash would 
completely wipe out the color. Sasha is actually more 
pink than peach.

Julep says Morgan is a "frosty grape purple" and I agree. This purple is a deep color with a bit of a metallic finish.  I have been looking for a grapey purple like this and I don't need to look any further. It is a perfect purple. I have nothing bad to say about this polish. The formula was great and it applied like a dream.
 Julep seems to love purples, but this one is definitely different from Charlotte, Anne and Taylor found here.

Artificial light and flash


According to Julep, Sandra is a "friendly, frosty magenta." Why friendly, Julep? :-) Sandra is a lovely magenta. It seems to be closely related to Morgan. I love this color. There were no formula or application issues. I was pleasantly pleased with Sandra.

Lovely color! 

What did you get in your June Julep Maven Box? What are you? Were you happy about your box? Please share in the comment section.

Thanks for Reading,
xoxo -Tamala