Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frostbite Hottie

I bought cobalt shoes a month ago and I wanted a polish to match. I asked on the Facebook page and the wonderful ladies there gave me several to choose from. China Glaze "Frostbite" really stood out to me. First, I'm falling in love with their lacquers. They apply so well and the colors are EVERYTHING!!

"Frostbite" seems to illuminate in the dark. I don't know why, but driving last night I happened to look down at my nails and they seemed to glow and they are so pretty. I love the color. It has a hint of cobalt blue glitters in it. The glitters don't overwhelm the color they enhance it. The finish is absolutely beautiful and once I added a Seche Vite Top coat the manicure was sealed and so glossy. I'm gushing about it because I love it!! :-) Can you tell?

I've gotten several compliments about this color. Check out the pictures below. (There will be many :-))

This is a close shot. I wanted to show the true color 
and this is pretty close. The blue is... I love it.

Here I'm showing you the color as it compares to the 
"Nivea blue." (I love this Nivea Creme).

I added one accent nail of Sinful Colors "Hottie." 
A Cobalt blue base with lots and lots of sparkly
 glitter throughout.

The camera wouldn't pick up on the Greatness of this glitter.
This polish is packed with glitter. You don't have to fight to 
get the glitter on your nail. It covers the entire nail in one coat,
but as always I did two coats.

China Glaze "Frostbite" and Sinful Colors "Hottie" is a great
combination! The blues are dynamite and are very close to
the blue Nivea uses for it's products. Sinful Colors "Hottie" 
adds enough sparkle to to kick China Glaze "Frostbite" up a 
notch. Not that the China Glaze "Frostbite" needs it at all.

I loved this combo so much that I added Hottie to all nails. Take a peek :-)

As always thanks for reading ;-)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Need a Refresh-Mint?

I've been so into Mints polishes. I bought 3 different ones in the same day. I finally decided to use Wet n Wild MegaLast "I Need a Refresh-Mint" and as always I used an accent nail. The accent nail was polished with SinfulColors "Rise and Shine."

Just Like with "Bite The Bullet," the brush that comes with "I Need a Refresh-Mint" is great! One stroke with two coats and your nails looks marvelous. I love the brushes with the new Wet n Wild MegaLast polishes :-) ( to see brush click here)

Here are some pictures of the Manicure:
No flash:

Although "Rise and Shine" isn't a mint I think it went really well as an accent nail.
I tried to get a close shot here so that you can see the sparkle in "Rise and Shine." It has subtle sparkles of the same Teal-ish color throughout:

SinfulColors "Rise and Shine" has excellent coverage. This is two coats as well. This isn't a sheer polish at all I really loved this color. I loved the combination together. 
What do you think? 

Until next time
XO  -Tamala

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pink & Leopard... & Boozy Brunch

So, I was telling everyone on the Facebook page that I wanted to wear my pink leggings to a party Saturday. After going through lots and lots of shirts I finally decided to go simple black with the bright pink leggings and Leopard Betsey Johnson pumps.

Shirt: It is a plain black tank, but it's Satin! Love it. It has silver beading detailing on the top along with a rose pink that came attached to it. Take a look:

Front View:

Back view:

A closer look at the rose.

The pink Leggings are just that:

They are actually really comfy and have real pockets in the back! Love. (from DSW)


You have seen these before, but I don't care. I still love these shoes!

All together now!

It definitely looks much better on, but I didn't take a picture and I'm no Model so...
What do you think? Good shoe choice or do you think I should have been less bold and went with Black boots?

Give me your opinion below:-)
Thanks for reading.

Before I forget, my nails were still L'oreal's Boozy Brunch :-)

xoxo -Tamala

Free Belina Bag at DSW

*Update Non premier members use code: BELINA at checkout.*

Want a free Bag? Who doesn't? Well right now DSW premier members can get a Belina Bag free with $29 purchase!! The bag is so pretty and it's free! Add the Belina bag to your cart using item # 242238 (or click HERE!) and use code: BELINABAG at checkout with a $29 purchase and it's your for free.

I did this earlier and I got a clutch, Converse for my son and the Belina bag ALL for $10.55! Being a rewards member at DSW has it's perks. Check out this post HERE more additional info. Basically, your order has to be $29 before you add any Reward Certificates or any other discounts!!! SCORE!

Although, premier members get it now regular members can get it in 3 days. So if you're not premier just keep your carts ready and in THREE days you can take advantage of this deal too!!

Who's excited? LOL!

Thanks for reading!!


DSW & Double points

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) I having Double points for it's rewards members 3/1/12-3/31/12. You have to choose which day you want to use it. Then you will be able to use in-store and online. If you choose to use it online the code is: FASTSHOES and/or you can print the coupon below and take to the store.

If you are not a rewards member at DSW I highly recommend you become one. Even if you don't have one in your area you can order online. The program perks are great!! Just take a look at here or here for more information.

They have also started a system where they will deliver outside of the US. They have International Shipping information HERE!

Happy shopping :-)

xoxo -Tamala

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wet n Wild ColorIcon

Wet n Wild ColorIcon polishes are so gorgeous! I absolutely love these polishes! I have 6: Believe Me, It's Real, 24 Carats, Back Alley Deals, Give Me A Price Quote, Diamond In The Rough Rockin' Rubies. I used 2 coats in each picture and a Seche Vite top coat. My nails were still rough to touch and I would've liked for them to be a little smoother.

Check out these swatches:

No flash:


No flash and blurry to show the colors in the glitters:

Believe Me, It's Real: Gorgeous Blue Glitter with purple accents! Love this!!

24 Carats: Beautiful Gold bar glitter with bronze bars throughout. This one could have used a 3rd coat.

Back Alley Deals: purple base glitter with pink holo glitter throughout!

This is my Dominant hand and it doesn't look that great. :-/ And this glitter is not forgiving. 

Give Me A Price Quote: least fave and a tad too thick.

 Diamond In The Rough: check out the rainbow colors throughout! This is a gorgeous glitter.

Rockin' Rubies: is just Beautiful! I wore this on Valentine's Day. (click here to view)

I can't tell which is my favorite one. I like them all, however Give Me A Price Quote was my least favorite of the 6. I do think that these could be a tad thinner. They were thick and kind of hard to manage. They are gorgeous though and I will recommend getting these if you can find them in your area. 

They were supposed to be a Walgreens exclusive, but I found these at my local CVS stores. They retail for $2.99. If there are any questions or comments please leave them below :-)

Thanks you for reading, XOXO

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

DSW Early Access

If you haven't taken advantage of the EARLYACCESS deal from DSW it is set to expire 2/23!!

Details are on :-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

500 Facebook Fan Giveaway!!

***Update: Winner has claimed the prize Thanks all who have entered.***

I have reached 500 Fans!! Well now I'm at 662. I'm so happy that you all have come over and join me on Tall Girl In Heels. I discuss nail polish and shoes and even how to get those things budget friendly. If you ever have any suggestions, comments or complaints please feel free to contact me at, leave a comment here or on the Facebook wall.

I wanted to do a "girlie" giveaway, but then I decided to throw in something blue :-). The giveaway will be open now until 2/22/12 11:59 pm. I will announce the winner on Thursday 2/23/12 in the morning.

I also, was given a donation from a very good friend of mine from Cutique Designs. She makes everything by hand and all of her products are wonderful. The link above takes you to her website or you can click here to visit her Facebook page.

Giveaway includes:
3 SinfulColors polishes: Glass Pink, Cinderella & Soul Mate
Flower Headband w/ Pink Flower: by Cutique Designs
4 piece manicure set
4 sided Buffer w/ Glass file

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Shoes...

What are you ideal Valentine's Day Shoes? Do you keep it simple and just wear whatever the weather "allows" you to wear or do you spice it up and throw on some super sexy red high heels?

I think it all depends on your mood. If it is too cold where you are and you're afraid to get too sexy for fear of falling throw on a nice wedge. Here's one that I think says safe, yet sexy:

Bordello Burlesque Shoes Camille
                                     Red Wedge $55

If you are not afraid to be sexy for your Valentine here's one for you:

Michael Antonio Lantana PumpMichael Antonio Lantana Pump $44.95

The above are just some suggestions from me. I don't have either of the above shoes and if I was going out with my Husband tonight I would've probably went with: 

Item image JS by Jessica Simpson $59.95

Tell me your plans on your outfit and shoes. 
Are you playing it safe in flats, trendy in wedges and daring in Heels? 

Happy Valentine's Day to All!! 

Happy Valentine's Day

I was working on a post for the Wet n Wild ColorIcon collection, well the 6 I have, and decided to go with the Red color because it was so pretty. The Red color is called: Rockin' Rubies and it is beautiful. Upon first glance, you can see the red and pink glitter, but there are more colors involved. Here's a close up of the lacquer to show the variations throughout:

This picture shows the Red, Purple, yellow, green and even pink holographic glitter.
This was perfect for Valentine's day! I'm not really a pink girl so Red works for me. 
The name Rockin' Rubies works! It's definitely Rockin' and so shiny and sparkly! 

More pics:

 It's .34 fl oz. compared to OPI, China Glaze and Zoya that are usually .05 fl oz just to give a comparison. The small square shape has it's good and bad qualities. It's good because it's not bulky and allows for a nice hold while you polish. However, it does seem to be just a smidge too small because it kept slipping through my grasp. Maybe, I just have big hands!! :-)

I absolutely LOVE this color. My Husband loved it too. We decided it'll be perfect for Today! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

 I'll have another post with the other Wet n Wild ColorIcon polishes I picked up. In depth review about the "chunkiness" and so on.

Until you read again,


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shopping at CVS


Have you heard of Extracare bucks? This is a program at CVS at basically rewards shoppers for buying certain products. This can be very beneficial you is as a consumer. 

 ExtraCare Card.

 Go into CVS and sign up for an ExtarCare card. CVS has a big red machine that prints out coupons when you scan your card. Be sure to scan this card until you see a a message that states "no more coupons check back tomorrow". Sometimes you will receive some great coupons and sometimes not so great.

 Green tag. 
CVS/pharmacy Green Bag Tag - "Tag your reusable bag" and get $1 ExtraBuck Rewards every 4th visit

 Get a green tag and attach it to a reusable bag/ tote. Here's where you can use those extra DSW totes that they give out on the Facebook page. Every time you go to CVS take the bag (with the tag) and have them scan it. The Green tag is $1. However, every fourth visit you will receive $1 ECB (extra care buck). You'll defintely get your money back on the green tag! :-)

 Beauty club.
 $5 ExtraBucks with every $50 beauty purchase*
Join CVS' beauty club. For every $50 you spend on beauty products you will receive $5 ECB!! This is the part that is so great for us polish lovers! You can go into CVS pick up polish and earn money for doing your regular shopping. Doesn't that sound exciting? I think so.

Also, CVS sends emails out stating 20% off a certain $$ amount, $4 off $20 purchase, $5 off $30 purchase and so on. These are great to have, too because you can use these with your ECBs and any other coupons you have.

 Example: I have 2 $1 off coupons for any Revlon beauty product, $4 off $20 purchase and $6 in ECBs. I would have the cashier ring everything by:
 1. Scanning my Extra Care Card
 2. Ringing my goodies
 3. Scanning my Green tag bag
 4. Scanning my coupon for $4 off $20 purchase
 5. Scanning any coupons I have
 6. Scanning my ECBs

Then you will pay out of pocket (OOP) anything your coupons and ECBs doesn't cover.

Does this make sense? Let me know if it doesn't by leaving a comment or by emailing me I will try to explain it to you further. Also, if you have anything to add please do so!

 Thanks for reading. Please follow the blog!!