Friday, January 27, 2012

Green, No Envy

Hey beautiful people, today I'm going to be comparing 3 polishes. I have been in love with Greens lately and I have no idea why. I have found some similar colors and I still wanted them. Can any one relate? The first one is Zoya's Holly. I know I've talked about this one before. I love Holly. She is such a beautiful green. Holly as we know is a opaque green with slight yellow/gold metallic shimmer. Holly is from Zoya's Gem and Jewels Holiday Collection 2011-2012.


China Glaze has two of the three I'm showing today. They are Holly--Day and Glittering Garland. Both are from China Glaze's Let it Snow Holiday 2011 collection. Holly-day is a dark holly green no shimmer no sparkle, but is just beautiful. Glittering Garland, on the hand, is filled with green glitter/sparkles throughout. This is probably my favorite color of the 3. It is just  beautiful.

Glittering Garland:



I feel all three colors can be worn year round and not just around The Christmas/ Holiday season. They are all too gorgeous to let sit around and only use one time a year.
What do you think of these Greens? Are they too close? Would you have all three?


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Facebook 100 likes Giveaway

I'm so pleased that I was able to get 100 likes on Facebook. The Tall Girl In Heels page isn't even 1 Month old yet. Thank you all for your support. Since I will be giving away a $5 DSW Gift Card this giveaway will be all about SHOES!!Here is a picture of one of my favorite pair of shoes:Now that I shared a picture of my favorite (well one of my favorites), I want to see a picture of your favorite pair of shoes. Your favorite can be Heels, wedges, boots, flats, gym shoes or whatever. It is totally up to you. You must enter on my facebook page!/TallGirlInHeels. You must be a facebook "friend." This means you MUST like the page. Your picture must be on the wall and marked public so we can see and comment. The giveaway is good until Friday 5PM and the winner will be chosen through Any questions please email me at TallGirlinHeels't forget we are also on Twitter @TallGirlinHeelsTamala

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sally Hansen Fairy Teal & Blingtastic

I like to show you guys the colors I choose when I do my manicures. In this post, I will share Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure's "Fairy Teal" with an accent nail of Sally Hansen Gem Crush's "Blingtastic." I love a gilttery, sparkly manicure, but most times I like only an accent nail to actually have the glitter on it. An abundant amount glitter/sparkle can be too much for the eye to handle sometimes.These Sally Hansen prodcuts have a wonderful brush:Left: inside with flash Right: outside with flashI saw a swatch of Gone Gonzo by OPI and I thought to myself, " That looks like the Sally Hansen Gem Crush Blingtastic." I pulled it out and compared the swatch with the bottle and they look pretty similar. I do not have the Gone Gonzo so I'm not sure if the teals are dead on, but the concept is surely the same. They both have lots of Teal and small amounts silver glitter throughout. Here are the pictures of the bottles:

$8.50 at

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color Bling-Tastic

$6.99 by Sally Hansen at Walgreens

Can you see the similarities in these two? They are pretty close in price OPI IS $8- $8.50 and Sally Hansen is $6.99. If you are looking for Gone Gonzo and are unable to find it a good dupe would be this Sally Hansen Gem Crush's "Blingtastic." I got my Sally Hansen Gem Crush's "Blingtastic" for $3.99 on clerance at Meijer. What do you think of these Sally Hansen products? I must say that I do love them and the colors!! I'm a satisfied customer.xo Tamala*all products were paid for with my own money. All opinions are mine.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January Julep Maven Box

My January Julep Maven box has finally arrived!! Well, Julep says since I signed up so late in December I wasn't technically going to receive this box. I asked the customer service rep if I could get the box because I wanted it she said yes. After waiting since 12/28/11 I have finally received it today. I am pleased with my box. I did get to choose the freebie. I chose "Surprise me" and they surprised me with their Nail Therapy. I have heard good things about this product. I hope it lives up to its expectations. :-). I will swatch these at a later time.Julep does have the penny box back again!! Yay click take the quiz and then sign up. At checkout don't forget to use promo code: NEWYEAR2012!The beautiful packaging:Megan, Leah, Hayden and Nail TherapyHayden alone:Leah: Megan:As you can see My box is 'It Girl' The box also had a sample of a "Nail Polish Remover Pad" and "Glycolic Hand Scrub".Did you sign up yet? What kind of Maven are you?:-)-Tamala

Friday, January 13, 2012

3 colors, 3 nails

I was really excited to try out these three colors. I just decided to use three fingers and see what the colors looked like. I absolutely love these colors! One coat of Zoya "Holly", Zoya "Charla" and Essie "Coat Azure:"If you look at this picture you can see that Both Zoya's colors are still a little sheer with one coat. The Coat Azure by Essie seems to be pretty opaque with just one coat.Here is a second coat of each. This is without a top coat:Charla is strategically placed between Holly and Coat Azure. She is blue with the Green Shimmer, however the above picture does not show the green shimmer in Charla. Charla is actually my favorite out of the three. She is very shiny and the green metallic shimmer is so pretty in person. I tried several times to pick up the shimmer, but my cameras just would pick it up. Sorry.This last picture is with a Top coat. This top coat really does nothing for the colors. Holly and Charla both have a natural shine to them. I really love these Zoya colors. The Essie doesn't have a natural shine, but with a shiny brilliant top coat she too can have a little more pop! What do you think of each color? What is your favorite of the three?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Zoya's Holly and Charla

Holly and Charla have finally made their way home to me. I'm excited!! I have been stalking with my tracking number to see when my package would arrive. I'll show you some pictures of the colors I chose and I'll swatch them later this week. I love Zoya Lacquers and can't wait to try these new ones.The lovely packaging:

Charla and Holly together:


"Holly can be best described as: A rich holly green with subtle yellow tones in a luminous metallic finish.? Great for giving the nails a flash of rich gem-toned color. "


Per Zoya's site, "Charla can be best described as: tropical blue sparkling metallic. An expensive-looking metallic shade for summer. "Trying to show the green shimmer in Charla:

Did you get any Zoya lacquers during the promo? What colors did you get? Please share...Until next time xoxoTamala

Recent Manicures

I just wanted to show you some recent Manicures that I've done and I haven't shared with you guys. I took these on my iPhone so the quality isn't the best, but I want to share any way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Water Marble Manicure

Last night, I was feeling rather brave. I have watched several YouTube videos and read several blogs about water marbling. I love the way it looks and that each finger is different. I decided to give it a try. I must say that It was a fun experience. Because, I'e read that it's frustrating I knew I had to take my time and go at a slow steady place. While moving slow I still had to move fast enough so that the polish didnt glob together or start to dry. The colors I used:Essie "Coat Azure"China Glaze "Sea Spray"China Glaze "Aqua Baby"e.l.f "Black"10 "Lady in White" as my baseThere are several thing needed to complete the marbling:wooden skewersnail lacquercup of room temperature filtered or distilled waterremoverqtipstape paper towelsscissorsI started with my left hand. I taped each finger around the cuticle. I had to have my husband tape my right hand because I found it extremely difficult to do. Next, I unscrewed the tops off of the lacquers. All of the lacquers I used were new so they were thin. You should use a thin lacquer so it'll drip easily into the water. I alternated drip by drip of lacquer until I had each color in the water twice. I then moved the skewer around the water to obtain a good design. This by far is the hardest part. I wasn't sure what type of design I wanted so I just dipped. I now know that I will choose a little wiser next time. After I dipped my nail into the design, I used a qtip to pull the excess polish away from the nail. The excess polish will be drawn to the qtip easily. Then remove the finger. Repeat the steps for each finger. I have seen two fingers done at once before. I tried that method and I think I like one finger at a time until I get used to water marbling manicures. I think once you have done this several times it does get easier and easier. If you want to attempt this method I would suggest looking up a lot of YouTube videos and practice, practice, PRACTICE!I will show pictures of how this turned out. Please be aware that I took some with a camera and some with my phone the quality may not be the best. Please leave comments about your experience or what you think of this technique.Enjoy:The colorsMy left handMy right handOne of my fave nailsMy left hand is the best hand because I am right handed. Next time I will definitely start with my right hand. Until you read again. XOXOTamala

Friday, January 6, 2012

Giveaways on Facebook

Hey everyone! We've had 2 giveaways so far. The fun is just beginning come on over and join us. We have had 2 winners: Kay and Jess! Both of these ladies have claimed their prizes! Kay won our first Flash Giveaway. Her prize was 2 bottles of nail lacquer. Jess won our big giveaway!! She won first place, well she won 3 bottles of lacquer. She was the only one to send over new "likers." I stopped counting, but at some point she had sent over 20 new people!! I am so appreciative of her help. Thanks again Jess.Don't hesitate to come and participate in our fun. I want everyone to be able to share, post and comment about shoes and nail polish/lacquer. Please give me any constructive criticism or just ideas of things you'd like to see on the blog and/or on Facebook. My page link is: I absolutely love sharing my "addictions" with you and I want you to do the same. Please share our Facebook page and our blog with friends and family! ;-). Don't be a stranger come hang with us. See you guys soon... I have some swatches I'll be sharing so be sure to check back daily. Love you for reading.---Tall Girl In Heels with beautifully painted nails ;-) Tamala

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Julep's Stella

Julep's Stella is a beautiful color. Compared to my skin tone it is almost a neutral. It has a yellow-orangish overall color to it. I love this color. It went on smoothly compared to Chloe. It wasn't thick, however it is a bit streaky on the first coat. The second coat fills everything in and the top coat seals it and the outcome is beautiful.I decided to do Stella with one accent nail (pinky) in Sinful Colors "Out of this World." I wasn't sure how it would look cnsidering the yellow-orange color of "Stella" and "Out of this world" is silver, but I think it turned out good. You be the judge.<Outside shot. do you see the snow? LolIf all of Julep's lacquers are as pretty as Stella I'm hooked! What do you think? Do you have Stella in your collection?Thanks for reading. Until next time,---Tam

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Giveaway Time!!

I hope you will join in on the fun of My first giveaway. I just started the Facebook page to talk shoes and nail lacquer. I really have a slight addiction or just a really high like (lol) of both of these categories.

This is all funny to me because I am not a girly girl, but the obsession has grown and probably, maybe, well ok a little out of control slightly. Anywho back to the giveaway here are the deets:

1. You MUST like my Facebook page:

2. You must like this blog. You can like the blog through or by clicking one of the links to the right ------>

3. You must share our page on your wall and send over the most new people. The people you refer must like the facebook page they do not have to follow the blog.

I will choose 3 winners. The prizes will be Nail Lacquer. 1st place will win 3 bottles. 2nd place will win 2 bottles and 3rd place will win 1 bottle (yep, you guessed it!) A total of 6 Bottles!!

4. The people you send over MUST state that you referred them by tagging you (if they know how) or just stating you sent them.

5. The contest will start now and end Friday at 8pm!

If you have any questions or comments you can comment below, on the facebook wall or email me at



Sunday, January 1, 2012


2012 is here! I really can't believe 2011 ended so quickly. Do you have plans for the New Year? And Resolutions? I don't have any resolutions, but as always I'm working to become a better ME all around. 2012 is here so what are your plans for the year? I do have a birthday at the end of this month and I'm looking forward to it :-). Share your thoughts below...Until next time -Tamala