Friday, October 26, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection: Ziv and Electra!!

Today's post is the last of the Ornate Collection. It is all about Ziv and Electra. Ziv is a golden foil that has some flashes of orange/red depending on lighting. Electra is all about bar glitter. She is a holo bar glitter top coat. You can purchase The Ornate Collection here.


According to Zoya Ziv is described as, "full coverage, yellow-toned metallic gold foil with silver highlights and warm gold flake glitter accents."

Take a look:

I had no issues with Ziv at all. She applied well and the formula was great. I really like how Zoya's foil  polishes have a better look to them, you don't see brush strokes or bumps. Ziv is a great polish. I don't like Gold polishes on my skin-tone. I feel like the match to close to my skin. If you like Gold on your skin, Ziv is a great polish for you!!


Zoya describes Electra as, "a micro fine diamond holographic glitter mixed with large silver holographic bar tinsel in a clear base.  Electra can be worn alone, as a festive french tip or layered over any polish to add a unique hologram glitter effect."

In my swatches I decided to give you the look of Electra alone and with a base color.


 Electra definitely reminded my of icicles or tinsel used to decorate Christmas trees. Shes very pretty! The above Swatches show two coats of Electra on her own on the first and middle finger and one coat over Zoya Raven on the ring and pinky fingers. To smooth Electra, make sure to use two coats of your favorite top coat. 

The holographic bar glitter is a first for me. I like the look! I really like it over Raven! It gives it a flakie-ish look.

What do you think of Ziv and Electra? Must haves?

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*(Ziv and Electra was sent for review for my honest opinion. Please see disclaimer tab for more information.)


  1. Today I am wearing Aurora... I adore this collection!! I think my fav. (even though they are all beautiful)is Blaze on me!!!

  2. I really love Ziv--it's totally lush without being brassy at all. And you're so right, Electra looks just like tinsel! :D

  3. Great swatches! Love the polishes!