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China Glaze Cirque de Soleil Collection

Cirque de Soliel anyone? I have six polishes from this collection to review for you: Def Defying, Whirled Away, It's A Trap-Eze, Escaping Reality, Surreal Appeal, and  Running In Circles. The pictures below aren't in order as listed above.

Cirque de Soleil collection

Cirque de Soleil collection

I'm going to show you the polishes one at a time. First up is Def Defying.

 Def Defying is a lime/pea green creme. This polish applied beautifully and I had no formula issues.

Def Defying Swatch

Def Defying is such a lovely green. This isn't normally a color I'd choose, but I really did like it.

Next up is Surreal Appeal.

Surreal Appeal is a light pink creme. It applied so beautifully. I have no complaints with this one at all. All of the pink lovers out there should run and get this right along with Escaping Reality, but more on that one later.
Surreal Appeal Swatch

Surreal Appeal Swatch

Is Surreal Appeal on your wish list?

It's A Trap-Eze! is a white base with milti-colored glitters. This one is reminiscent of all of the indie makers out there. We have rarely seen a major brand so bold! I love this one actually. It was a tad thicker, but this is expected with so much glitter compacted in it.

It's A Trap-Eze! Swatch

It's A Trap-Eze! Swatch

 What do you think of It's A Trap-Eze! ? Is this already too overdone for the polish world?

I added Whirled Away to Surreal Appeal to show how this one adds a little something to a regular creme polish.

Whirled Away is a clear base with small black hex and bar glitters it also has slightly larger white hex glitters. All of the glitters applied fine except the white hexes. I had to fish for them and strategically place them on the nail. I think you have to fish for them because there isn't that many in the bottle.

 Surreal Appeal and Whirled Away Swatch

 Surreal Appeal and Whirled Away Swatch

 I have been dying to get my hands on another black and white glitter top coat. I love this one and It is worth the fishing for the whites hexes, in my opinion.

Are you ready for a Hot Pink in December? Well, get ready for Escaping Reality.

Escaping Reality is a gorgeous hot pink almost neon pink Creme. This polish covered well and there were no issues whatsoever with it! It was a nice change to see such a warm color in the winter!! Love it!
Escaping Reality Swatch

Shown here in a softer light!

Escaping Reality and Whirled Away Swatch
I added Whirled Away here, too. 

I like the black and white contrast to the hot pink! What do you think?
 Last, but certainly not least is Running In Circles.

Running In Circles is a beautiful chunky green polish. It is filled with glitter, but not an over abundance! I love it! It seemed very Christmasy! In the light it also shows as a foil duochrome. The glitters seem to reflect gold from the camera's flash.
Running in Circles Swatch

Running in Circles Swatch

I really loved this one. It applied great. I only used a second coat because I didn't want the polish to appear bald in the macro shot! This is my type of green and I really wasn't disappointed here. No issues with formula, coverage or application!

China Glaze has six more polishes in this collection. You can find them here. China Glaze posts pretty regularly on their Facebook page here.

This Collection is available now and retails for $6. I posted about this Collection when I received the press release here.

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