Monday, January 27, 2014

Nails: How to fix a broken nail? (Tutorial)

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Because we all love nail polish and all things nails, I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to fix a broken nail. Look at the picture below. This is my broken nail (sad face!!)

broken nail repair

Wanna learn how I fixed it? Keep reading...

I just posted a picture on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of my naked nails. The very next day I broke one. Do you know how sad I was? I didn't just break the nail a little, no! It completely broke down to the skin. OUCH!! I went searching online on how to fix a nail and came across a lot of YouTube vids and blog posts. I decided to go with the one that used Tea bags to fix a nail. Yes, tea bags. Who doesn't have those handy?

I used it as a guide adding in my changes here and there.

Things you'll need: small nail scissors, a nail file, a four sided buffer, a tea bag, a base coat, tweezers and nail glue (I used super glue, it's all I had).

broken nail repair

Step 1: Empty out the contents of the tea bag.

Step 2: Use your small scissors to cut a small patch out of your tea bag. Make sure the patch will cover your break. Use your tweezers to match up the patch with the break.

Step 3: Use your nail/super glue to glue the broken part of the nail back to your nail. Let dry for a couple seconds until you think it's a little sticky.

Step 4: Place the tea bag patch that you cut on your nail where the break was.

broken nail repair

Step 5: Use your tweezers to press the tea bag down on the nail making sure the glue sticks to the tea bag. Be sure to completely saturate the tea bag with the glue to insure it sticks to the nail. Any excess of the tea bag should be cut off.

broken nail repair

Step 6: Let this dry. It shouldn't take very long.

Step 7: Use your buffer to buff the patch and make it as smooth as possible. you want to make sure that your nail is completely smooth. You can also use your file to file your nail if you'd like. You may be able to see the patch, but you DO NOT want to feel it.

broken nail repair

Step 8: Add your base coat and paint your nails as you'd like.

broke nail repair
A crop of a swatch coming later 
in the week you can't tell my nail
was fixed!!

I used this method to save my nail because I wanted to blog some nail swatches for you guys and I'm already suffering from a small middle fingernail break. I don't think this is a permanent fix. This is just something temporary and will last as long as you are gentle with your nail.

I hope this tutorial will help you guys out! If you decide to fix your broken nail post pictures to my Facebook wall or on Instagram and Twitter. Use hashtag #fixanailTGIH and tag me (@Tallgirlinheels).

If you have any questions, please comment below or send me an email. I will be sure to get back with you.

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To watch the YouTube Tutorial I used click here.