Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sally Hansen Fairy Teal & Blingtastic

I like to show you guys the colors I choose when I do my manicures. In this post, I will share Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure's "Fairy Teal" with an accent nail of Sally Hansen Gem Crush's "Blingtastic." I love a gilttery, sparkly manicure, but most times I like only an accent nail to actually have the glitter on it. An abundant amount glitter/sparkle can be too much for the eye to handle sometimes.These Sally Hansen prodcuts have a wonderful brush:Left: inside with flash Right: outside with flashI saw a swatch of Gone Gonzo by OPI and I thought to myself, " That looks like the Sally Hansen Gem Crush Blingtastic." I pulled it out and compared the swatch with the bottle and they look pretty similar. I do not have the Gone Gonzo so I'm not sure if the teals are dead on, but the concept is surely the same. They both have lots of Teal and small amounts silver glitter throughout. Here are the pictures of the bottles:

$8.50 at drugstore.com

Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color Bling-Tastic

$6.99 by Sally Hansen at Walgreens

Can you see the similarities in these two? They are pretty close in price OPI IS $8- $8.50 and Sally Hansen is $6.99. If you are looking for Gone Gonzo and are unable to find it a good dupe would be this Sally Hansen Gem Crush's "Blingtastic." I got my Sally Hansen Gem Crush's "Blingtastic" for $3.99 on clerance at Meijer. What do you think of these Sally Hansen products? I must say that I do love them and the colors!! I'm a satisfied customer.xo Tamala*all products were paid for with my own money. All opinions are mine.

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