Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Water Marble Manicure

Last night, I was feeling rather brave. I have watched several YouTube videos and read several blogs about water marbling. I love the way it looks and that each finger is different. I decided to give it a try. I must say that It was a fun experience. Because, I'e read that it's frustrating I knew I had to take my time and go at a slow steady place. While moving slow I still had to move fast enough so that the polish didnt glob together or start to dry. The colors I used:Essie "Coat Azure"China Glaze "Sea Spray"China Glaze "Aqua Baby"e.l.f "Black"10 "Lady in White" as my baseThere are several thing needed to complete the marbling:wooden skewersnail lacquercup of room temperature filtered or distilled waterremoverqtipstape paper towelsscissorsI started with my left hand. I taped each finger around the cuticle. I had to have my husband tape my right hand because I found it extremely difficult to do. Next, I unscrewed the tops off of the lacquers. All of the lacquers I used were new so they were thin. You should use a thin lacquer so it'll drip easily into the water. I alternated drip by drip of lacquer until I had each color in the water twice. I then moved the skewer around the water to obtain a good design. This by far is the hardest part. I wasn't sure what type of design I wanted so I just dipped. I now know that I will choose a little wiser next time. After I dipped my nail into the design, I used a qtip to pull the excess polish away from the nail. The excess polish will be drawn to the qtip easily. Then remove the finger. Repeat the steps for each finger. I have seen two fingers done at once before. I tried that method and I think I like one finger at a time until I get used to water marbling manicures. I think once you have done this several times it does get easier and easier. If you want to attempt this method I would suggest looking up a lot of YouTube videos and practice, practice, PRACTICE!I will show pictures of how this turned out. Please be aware that I took some with a camera and some with my phone the quality may not be the best. Please leave comments about your experience or what you think of this technique.Enjoy:The colorsMy left handMy right handOne of my fave nailsMy left hand is the best hand because I am right handed. Next time I will definitely start with my right hand. Until you read again. XOXOTamala

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