Wednesday, September 5, 2012

w7 Mosaic

Today's post is the last of the three w7 polishes that I've been talking to you guys about. I must say that I've saved the best for last!! Mosaic is up today. Mosaic is probably my favorite polish right now. It's the perfect aqua blue base color with loads of gold and blue/purple glitter. The glitter is the same size glitter used in Lava Flow and Salt n Pepper (here and here).

Mosaic, just like Lava Flow and Salt n Pepper, applied like a dream. I had no issues with this polish!! w7 knew what they were doing when they made Mosaic! This is a must buy!! If you can get your hands on this lovely polish I suggest you do so!

Mosaic is supposed to be a dupe of Nails Inc. Pudding Lane, but at a cheaper price. I cannot stop looking at my nails and I'm in love with Mosaic.

Take a look:

Drool worthy! As you guys know I love blues and Mosaic made my day!! <3 <3 <3 it!

What do you think of Mosaic? Lovely, right?

w7 polishes are only available in the UK as far as I know. I was lucky and lovely blogger Louise at Painting Nails and Baking Scales from the UK was able to track down these polishes and send them to me. Thanks again.

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(Mosaic was purchased by me. See Disclaimer Tab)

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  1. Can't believe I missed this one! It's gorgeous and looks so beautiful on you!!!!