Wednesday, August 29, 2012

w7 Salt n Pepper

Today's post is about another w7 polish! I'm so happy I was able to get these polishes! Yesterday's post was Lava Flow (here) and today's is Salt n Pepper. This polish is almost the same as Lava Flow, but there is no red added. Salt n Pepper is a white base with black matte glitter.

Salt n Pepper is adorable! I can see this polish also being called Chocolate Chip Or Cookies n Cream. It just reminds me of ice cream.

Take a look:
Black and white beauty

Salt n Pepper

I really like Salt n Pepper. I had no application issues. It was very easy to apply and I had no Formula issues. I was so happy to share Lava Flow and Salt n Pepper with you guys, but I've saved a blue one for last!!! Mosaic will be posted soon.

As I stated yesterday, w7 polishes are only available in the UK. I was lucky and the lovely blogger Louise at Painting Nails and Baking Scales from the UK was able to track down these polishes and send them to me. Thanks again.
What do you think of Salt n Pepper?

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(Salt n Pepper was purchased with my own money. See Disclaimer tab for full disclaimer.)