Friday, January 4, 2013

365 Days of Color- Birthday Collection

Happy New Year everyone today, I'm previewing a new collection from 365 Days of Color. Sunny is releasing the Birthday Collection TODAY. I have a preview of these goodies right now. So get ready to run to her site and grab these lovelies. You can find her store HERE.

The color changing Birthday Collection from 365 Days of Color includes: 

Crazy In Love, Ice Queen, Glitter Princess and Assort-Mint

Crazy In Love is a white base with turquoise, purple and fuchsia glitters. This combination is gorgeous! Crazy In Love changes to pink base with cold temperature. Directly below is a picture of Crazy In Love before the color change.


The bad part about Crazy In Love is that didn't change for me. I talked to Sunny about this and she informed me that because I received one of the 1st batches she didn't add enough pigment. She did a reformulation and added more pigment so Crazy In Love now changes to pink :-)


 Glitter Princess is a white base with purple, hot pink and blue square glitter. It also has purple and turquoise hexes. It changes to pink base when cold. This one was pink at room temp so I'm guessing my house is cold :-). Applying this was pretty funny because it was pink in the bottle and once it touched my nails it turned white. 

This one had a very pink color when it changed. I really liked it. The glitters really popped with the pink and matched perfectly. What do you think of this color change?

cold and very pink :-)

Thumb is warm, while the others are cold. 
Do you see the color difference?

Next up is Assort-Mint. Assort-Mint when cold, is a very pretty minty shade with turquoise shimmer. I am a fan of this cold! When warm it is a pearly white with the Turquoise shimmer.  The application was good, but make sure the first coat is completely dry before adding your second coat. It will cause bald spots. This is only two coats. 
Warm is pearly white with Green shimmer.

I like the white with Turquoise glitter, but when cold, the minty color steals my heart. It is a tad darker in person than in the pictures below. The natural gradient is beautiful with this one.

Cold left two is minty-green and right two are warm.

Minty and shimmery! Love it!
The above picture is blurry to show the shimmer in Assort-Mint. What do you think? 

Last but not least, Ice Queen. Ice Queen is a white base with blue micro glitters throughout. Ice Queen reflects the blue glitters when warm and appears to blue. It really isn't. You can see the difference when Ice Queen is cold. When cold it has a lovely blue base color.

adding cold water

Ice Queen is my fave of the collection. I wore this one for a couple of days and I had fun watching the color change. It was interesting to see the differences in color and how they varied. I'm a fan of the color change polishes. These were the first ones I've tried and I do love them.

The Birthday Collection are opaque in two coats and I'm so proud of Sunny for these color changing beauties :-). The color changing capabilities in these are best when your real body temperature changes. They do change colors with cold water, but it is amazing to see the natural changes in these due to body temperature. My hubby even noticed the Ice Queen changes, he joked once that his feet were so cold that his toes nails were probably turning blue like my nails :-). 

Have you tried any color changing polishes? What do you think of these polishes? If you get them, please post about it on my Facebook wall and let me know which ones you chose.

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*(The Birthday Collection was sent for review)


  1. Those are so cool! Fantastic swatches!

  2. I love Glitter Princess, it reminds me of Birthday cake. I think it's cool that they change with the temperature.

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