Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lips: EOS Lip balm

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Today's post is all about lips again. I don't know about you, but I love lip products. I'm always buying lip gloss, lip balm and chap stick. I'm starting to buy more lip sticks as well. I have dry skin and I'm always trying to fight chapped lips. I've been in love with lip gloss since I was a preteen and would buy it every chance I got.

Back to the point of today's blog post :-), EOS lip balms. I am in love with them. I call them eggs, does anyone else? I think they are packaged so cute AND are easy to find, if it happens to fall at the bottom of your purse!
Alice In Wonderland limited edition EOS lip balm

These lip balms leave my lips feeling so soft and moisturized and also smelling yummy! Every time I apply this lip balm my husband asks, "who's eating candy?' LOL. They smell sooooo good!

The specific ones I'm showing you today are Sweet Vanilla Nonsense and Watermelon Wonderland. Both of these are from the Alice In Wonderland Limited edition and even have a Mickey Mouse face on the from of them.

Alice In Wonderland limited edition EOS lip balm
(Blueberry Potion is not pictured)

Aren't they pretty? I love these and a plus is that I'm a true Mickey fan :-).

Alice In Wonderland limited edition EOS lip balm

EOS has many different kinds of their lip balms and an assortment of other products. EOS can be found at Target and other drug stores.

Do you like EOS lip balm? What other flavors have you tried? Other EOS products?

What other lip products would you like me to review?

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