Monday, May 7, 2012

Birchbox's Zoya Blogger Trio

(Belle, Kate, Coraline)

A lot of you know that Zoya released a Blogger Trio through Birchbox. This Trio is a Limited Edition and can only be purchased through Birchbox. If you haven't gotten yours click here and purchase it now because you NEED it!! This set cost $22 and ships FREE!!

(top to bottom: Kate, Belle, Coraline)

These Three colors are Jellies :-) and were made by 3 top beauty bloggers. Kate was made by The Small Things Blog, Coraline was made by Eleventh Gorgeous and Belle was made by Capitol Hill Style. The colors here a gorgeous and are perfect for Spring/Summer.

Kate -"is a pinkish grapefruit" color. She is a good mix between red and orange. She looks great and her formula is excellent. I love this jelly color.

(Kate with Belle and Kate alone)

Coraline - "is a warm juicy Tangerine." Coraline is vibrant and this orange screams perfection. I loved how she applied and I definitely love this color! She is so cute and fits into the trend.

Coraline layered with Belle on first finger and ring
 finger. Middle and baby finger are just Coraline.

Belle -"is a coppery pink which features microscopic iridescent glitter."  Belle is my favorite of the three. She layers over colors with ease and adds an extra WOW to already lovely colors. You can also wear Belle alone and still get a WOW!

Did you buy this trio already? Do you love it? What do you think of these colors? Please share below.

If you want a chance to win this trio from Birchbox click here. Today is the last day to enter!!

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xoxo -Tamala


  1. I bought it and I'm wearing Kate right now. It's pretty, but I feel like I have 4 or 5 shades almost exactly like this already :-/

  2. These look beautiful on you! I especially love Kate! =)