Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Soft Landings Towels

Kathy WeltmanSoft Landings is a company that specializes in towels. This, I know, is unconventional for what we discuss here, but give me a second and you'll see why I'm bringing this company to you.

Soft Landings Towels sent me a couple different towels. They sent some 4x4 and a 16x18 towel. These towels are very very soft. They can be used for cleaning nail art brushes, using in place of a paper towel while doing nails or simply for removing polish from your nails.

I used these towels to remove polish from my nails. OMG! I'm just going to let you guys know that I used ONE 4x4 towel to remove nail polish from all ten nails!! I was amazed. These towels are absorbent and don't leave strands on you nails like the cotton ball does. I was impressed. When I removed the polish I did have to put remover on the towel a couple of time, but I only used one towel and it worked great!

4x4 towel
(Example of what I used to remove polish from 10 nails)

Soft Landings it is "the towel you deserve." It's, "Adsorbent and lint-free, traps acrylic dust, great for facials and waxing, soft to touch, looks and feels professional and 100% contamination free."

16x18 towel
(great for cleaning brushes, drying hands or
 using while polishing nails)

You can order on the Website and like on Facebook!

These are such a great alternative to using paper towels and cotton balls. Give them a try I'm so glad I did. ;-)

Thanks for Reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(This product was sent to me to review. I wasn't paid for the review and all opinions are my own.)


  1. I love Soft Landings towels! I love that when I use them I don't have to worry about little fuzzies everywhere like I do with regular cotton balls!!

  2. I love what you wrote and I especially love that you are a new "softie". It's the little things that you can do with a "mighty" towel that makes life easier. Soon to come out this summer is a little book called "101 uses for the Soft Landing". Thank you again. Hugs.

    1. No, thank you for the amazing product. I can't wait to read that book!!