Friday, March 16, 2012

Color Club "Kiss Me Mistletoe"

Color Club "Kiss Me Mistletoe" is St. Patrick's Day Manicure #3. I fell in love with this color when I saw it. It is a green color with tiny silver shimmer throughout. There is also a little surprise with this shimmery polish. Once you hit the sunlight there is an explosion of rainbow shimmer. It leaves your manicure GORG!!

One problem, sorry, is it is hard too polish your nails with this Color Club color. it comes out of the bottle thick and goopy. No matter how thin you make your coats, it still seems to goop up on the brush. This made me sad. I really liked this color, but my bottle just didn't cooperate.

 If you have a better bottle and yours didn't act this way please let me know. My manicure was hard to control and in turn hard to clean up afterward :-/. It was also a tad streaky. I tried to work with it as best as I possibly could.

Here are the best pictures:

Kiss Me Mistletoe looks like it's metallic in this light with the silver shimmer.

Rainbow shimmer can be seen in the natural sun light. Almost makes up for the goopy polish.

What do you think of this color?

Thanks for reading,
Tamala xoxo


  1. Such a pretty color! Sorry it was goopy. Do you have polish thinner? Try a drop of it to thin it out. Only a drop! I had a goopy polish and I put 2 drops in and it made it too runny!

    1. I'll definitely give it a try. :-) thanks Lizard!!

  2. I think I have this color I will check and let you know if its goopy. I hope not its so pretty i did get mine on clearance after Christmas

  3. Okay so I just opened it, it is defintely thicker than any of my other color clubs but it wasn't clumpy. I could get it on the nail it just seems thick but I could control it. I hope that makes sense. I've always wanted to do the thinner to some of my polishes but was always afraid to ruin them.

    1. Makes sense! Thanks for checking. I'll add some thinner when I bu some and hope it works.