Monday, March 5, 2012

Julep's Megan

Julep's Megan is  beautiful blue green color. Julep describes it as, "A playful and sultry Mediterranean aquamarine shimmer."  I would describe Megan an Aquamarine metallic with slight shimmer. The shimmer in Megan is not really prevalent until you are in the sun. The color is beautiful though. Depending on your lighting determines the blue or green color of Megan. 

In the light below, with flash, Megan looks green. 
Beautiful color though!


                                                    Megan looks Blue in the same light with
                                                                no flash. I love this color!

                                                      This is a natural light shot. This seems
                                                          to be the "truest" color of Megan.

Megan is a tad streaky. This picture shows the streaks I had with 
Megan. I like the color and formula, but for some reason there
were tiny streaks that I could've done without.

Have you tried Megan before? What did you think of her? 

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Thanks for reading 
xoxo Tamala

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