Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NOTD -Simmer and Shimmer

I was going through my collection of polishes and came across Simmer and Shimmer.
Do you guys remember this polish from the OPI Burlesque Collection 2010. It is a Teal blue, 
silver and multi-colored glitter polish. It's so pretty!! 
I've had this polish since then and it called my name, so I felt it necessary to wear it today!! 
Simmer and Shimmer has the perfect name. It is definitely Shimmery!!
Pics below:

Simmer and Shimmer applied beautifully :-) 
But once I went to do cleanup the sparkles went 
everywhere. Can you then them?

This is a natural light pic with no flash. This is the closest
I could get to the true color. 

This picture has a flash.

Artificial light and flash make Simmer 
and Shimmer  appear silvery. 

Close up of swatchicle to show the chunkiness 
of the glitter. Check out the rainbow glitter.
It's beautiful!! 

As I stated, the only problem I had with this polish is that when I went to do cleanup the sparkles went everywhere. I tried several times to clean it up, but they did not want to come off. I hate when that happens.

Any thoughts on Simmer and Shimmer? Do you own it? Please share your comments below.



  1. This is so pretty!! I bought this last winter, I've only ever worn it once, and the wear was awful on me :( bummer!

    1. I'm sorry. I haven't had a problem with mine.

  2. I love this color. It's so pretty.