Friday, March 23, 2012

Pretty & Polished

Are you aware that they're lots of people out there making and creating their own polishes and brands? This is a fun idea and a lot of their work is good and in fact, a lot of them sell out as soon as they open their Etsy shops.

I recently bought four mini polishes from Pretty & Polished. Two that I have today are Forgery and Toy with Me. The other two I just purchased two days ago so I don't have those yet. I'll show you the pictures of the polishes so you can see them. I applied them to my swatchicles (will post about these later) to show them off.

Forgery is, according to Pretty & Polished, "a matte glitter top coat." The glitter is also suppose to shift from  green to purple with a hint of gold flecks.

Pretty little mini :-)

These next  two pictures are Forgery over Black from e.l.f. Showing the Fleck effect. This polish has a matte finish so there is no top coat. Can you see the Flecks?

This is a really pretty fleck. The flecks are very small, yet Prominent.

This picture has Forgery with no base color and a top coat.

Side by side: Black base color matte finish vs. no base color and Top coat. Which do you like better? I love it as a fleck!

Toy with Me, "This is a magical matte polish that changes colors (purple to green) and has the smallest hint of tiny green micro-glitter. Can be layered or worn as a top coat."  In the picture below I can see a Holo effect with a green and purple mix.

This picture shows the matte finish of Toy With Me. Can you see the tiny Purple and Green?

This picture shows Toy With Me with a top coat. I truly think I would wear this either way. I think it's gorgeous both ways plus you can wear this over another color if you choose.

What do you think of the Pretty & Polished polishes? Do you have any? What colors do you have? I'm currently waiting on Hemi-sphere and Jawbreaker :-)


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