Friday, June 22, 2012

Cream Pink By Sinful Colors

I have really been into bright colors lately. Cream Pink by Sinful Colors is a warm/bright pink with shimmer throughout. I really liked this color because the shimmer was a complete surprise. I thought this magenta pink color would be just a regular pink creme and, of course, I was wrong!! It's always nice to be surprised with a polish especially when there are so many out there. 

(Artificial light no flash) 
This picture represents the true to life 
color of Cream Pink

(Flash only)

(Flash only)
This picture and the one above show the
shimmer in Cream Pink.

The shimmer up close! It's a beauty 
and doesn't overwhelm the color.

I'm not really a pink polish person, but recently I have been drawn to them. The formula on Cream Pink was pretty good. I had no application issues and only used two coats and top coat.

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(Cream Pink was purchased with my own money. I wasn't paid for this review and all opinions are my own.)

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