Friday, June 1, 2012

June Julep Maven Box

I received My June Julep Maven Box yesterday. I was quite pleased with the colors. I am an 'It Girl' and I received Sasha, Morgan and Sandra. They are all lovely colors. I have swatches of each to share with you shortly. If you are not a Julep Maven and want to become one click HERE! You can sign up for ONE CENT using code: COLORS4ONE at check out.

Now what I received in my box:

From left to right: Sandra, Morgan and Sasha

Julep Vanilla Mint lip balm, *2 extra brushes and 2 pixie stix.

(*2 brushes received because they got reports of  bad brushes in last month's boxes.)


Julep says Sasha is a "fresh, cantaloupe melon creme." I believe it's more of a watermelon color. Pictures of Sasha's true color are very difficult to capture. The pictures show a cantaloupe color, but it's more watermelon-esque. It's such a beautiful color and I wished I had captured the beautiful rich summery color, but I was unable to. Sasha's formula was okay. It dried a tad too fast, so if you touched the polish accidentally as you were making strokes you could leave some bald spots. Just be careful not to polish over her once she's dried a tad and you'll be fine.

Here's the best I could get:

This is artificial light and no flash. The flash would 
completely wipe out the color. Sasha is actually more 
pink than peach.

Julep says Morgan is a "frosty grape purple" and I agree. This purple is a deep color with a bit of a metallic finish.  I have been looking for a grapey purple like this and I don't need to look any further. It is a perfect purple. I have nothing bad to say about this polish. The formula was great and it applied like a dream.
 Julep seems to love purples, but this one is definitely different from Charlotte, Anne and Taylor found here.

Artificial light and flash


According to Julep, Sandra is a "friendly, frosty magenta." Why friendly, Julep? :-) Sandra is a lovely magenta. It seems to be closely related to Morgan. I love this color. There were no formula or application issues. I was pleasantly pleased with Sandra.

Lovely color! 

What did you get in your June Julep Maven Box? What are you? Were you happy about your box? Please share in the comment section.

Thanks for Reading,
xoxo -Tamala


  1. Sasha looks great!! Perfect for summer.

    1. She is, but she's more of a Coral than anything. I'm wearing her now. I just love her!!!

  2. These all look so pretty on you!