Thursday, June 21, 2012

We like to Party!!!

Every time I look at my tips I get excited!! Why? Because, I'm wearing Party by KB Shimmer and it makes me wanna dance!! I'm not exaggerating either. I say this because The name of the polish is Party and it makes me think of the Beyonce' song, "Party." The polish also reminds me of a party which is probably why it was named Party!! Lol.

The polish is a white base (I love white bases!!) with different color glitters throughout. KB Shimmer included medium hexes, medium square and small hexes. The colors include red, blue, purple, green and gold. This variations make me think of confetti at a party!

This polish is very easy to work with. The application was easy and the formula was perfect. I had no issues. After I applied the first coat, I contemplated leaving it at just the one coat. It covered well and the glitters showed up so beautifully. I thought adding a second coat would make the white base too opaque covering up all of the lovely glitters, but I'm happy to say I was WRONG!!! The second coat was a plus. The white did get more opaque, but the glitters still stood out. This is easily my favorite of the white based creations that I've tried. I'm so in love with it. I'm not even sure if I can take it off.

Okay enough of my babbling, take a looky:

(Natural Light)

(Natural Light)

(Artificial Light)

What do you think of Party?

Click link to see KB Shimmer Key Lime Pie.

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xoxo -Tamala

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*(Party was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. I wasn't paid for this review.)

Here's the video, in case you wanted to see what I was hearing in my head and were unfamiliar.


  1. This is great!!! :D

  2. Found your blog through Facebook..Like I said on FB I love this polish and want it! Gorgeous on you :)