Friday, June 8, 2012

The New Black Runway Kit

The New Black Runway Kit consists of eight different colors. They don't have names, but they have Personality. Check them out below:

The New Black Runway Kit

Top left is an orange creme. She's a bright Orange beauty!!
The next one is a metallic green. Like all metallics I've come in contact with, you do see brush strokes in this green.
Then there is a neutral. This is a classic tan creme which is perfect for the office.
The periwinkle color is next. It also has a beautiful shimmer to it. In some lights its baby blue and others a soft purple. You can't go wrong with this shade.
The brick orange jelly is next. It is one of my faves! Goes on great! No issues with this one.
What would this kit be without the classic yellow? This is an adorable yellow creme! With two coats and a top coat, the yellow is perfection!!
The navy blue is to die for. You only need one coat and a top coat. Love!
Lastly, orange with a shimmer. In some light this color has a coral shimmer. This is perfect for the summer!!

Let's take a closer look at these colors in a skittle mani!

The colors I chose here are perfect for the neons 
and brights that are so in right now! I love these
together. You can also do a Ombre Mani with 
these colors! Summer Perfection!

The colors here are perfect together as well. They seem a
 little more neutral and work great for the Summer nights
or late Summer transitioning into Fall! 

I really love the way The New Black puts their kits together. In The New Black Runway Kit each color is beautiful; you can go for one color, choose a couple colors or just go skittle mani all the way! The New Black has other kits available and you may remember my other The New Black post I did on the Wave Ombre found here.

You can find The New Black on PinterestFacebook and TumblrThe New Black products are sold at Sephora

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(*The products in this post were sent for my review. All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this review.)

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