Thursday, July 12, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics 2012

i travel incognito, but always bring poppy-rozzi. - Essie

<b>good as gold</b><p>a guaranteed gold metallic
Good as Gold

<b>blue rhapsody</b><p>a jazzy blue metallic
Blue Rhapsody

<b>penny talk</b><p>an authentic copper metallic
Penny Talk

<b>nothing else metals</b><p>a carefree lavender metallic
Nothing Else Metals

<b>no place like chrome</b><p>a memorable silver metallic
No Place Like Chrome

Looks like I'll be hunting down Nothing Else Metals and Blue Rhapsody. What about you?

Do you like these new metallic colors from Essie?

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xoxo -Tamala

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