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Tweezerman states on their site that they are "The ‘little black dress of beauty tools’, Tweezerman is incomparable in quality, performance, and value." Tweezerman is the beauty tool experts and I see why. I received some Tweezerman products awhile back and I've been using these products and I love them. Tweezerman sent me:

Slant Tweezer (Stainless Steel)
Satin Etched Zebra Slant Tweezer
Point Tweezer (Stainless Steel)
Point Slant Tweezer  (Stainless Steel)
Special Edition Pop of Op Mini Slant Tweezer  (Stainless Steel with Enamel Finish)
Eyenhance Pencil Sharpener
Eyenhance Brown Definer/ Highlighter Duo
ProCurl Lash Curler
Folding Ilashcomb
Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush

My overall favorite was the Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush. I loved these. I wax my eyebrows at home myself and these products allowed me to achieve the best self done eyebrows I've ever done. The tweezers are far better than any I've ever used. The Point Slant Tweezer was my favorite from the Tweezers. I must say that I was nervous using the Pointed Tweezer, but I did and I found it was very good at getting hard to reach areas. You can't go wrong choosing any of the Tweezerman's Tweezers for eyebrow shaping. They all work wonderfully! They don't bend and are a long lasting product. I highly recommend Tweezerman tweezers!!

I wished the Eyenhance Brown Definer/ Highlighter Duo was a tad darker. The color was too light for my eyebrows. It's supposed to be a universal color, but I didn't like it on me. 

I've never used a Brow mousse before so Tweezerman's Browmousse was the first. I loved it. It looks like a mascara, but it's for your eyebrows. This products gets your brows to stay put so you have that wonderful brow shape all day. 

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure: 

ProCurl Lash Curler:

Eyehance Brown Definer/ Highlighter Duo,
 Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush

Point Tweezer (Stainless Steel) and 
Slant Tweezers (one stainless steel and one 
with a city skyline)

Special Edition Pop of Op Mini Slant 
Tweezer, Satin Etched Zebra
 Slant Tweezer Browmousse

Point Slant Tweezer, Folding Ilashcomb Eyehance 
and Pencil Sharpener

Tweezerman has high quality products. I was very happy with the products and I see why their products cost as much as they do. I would recommend buying any products listed above because they're definitely worth it!

Tweezerman is on Facebook, and Twitter. you can also found their website here!

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(The above products were sent to me for review from Tweezerman. All opinions are my own and I wasn't paid for this review.)

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