Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Matte vs Matte

I have never tried a matte polish. I think they are neat, but there is something about a pretty shiny manicure that I love! I have two different Matte top coats so I decided to put them to the test. Which one came out on top between NYC Matte Me Crazy and e.l.f Matte Finisher?

First, I'll show you the picture and then I'll share my opinion. Fair enough?

In the picture, I matte-ified Calypso Blue from yesterday's post (found here). NYC Matte Me Crazy is on the first finger and middle finger and e.l.f Matte Finisher is on the ring finger and pinky finger. Both did a great job of Matte-ifying Calypso Blue. The Matte top coats worked almost instantly. I do see a difference though. I'm not quite sure you see can it in the photo, but NYC Matte Me Crazy is the winner here.

NYC Matte Me Crazy is a little smoother and gives an even matte look, whereas e.l.f Matte Finisher shows brush strokes. e.l.f Matte Finisher did take a tad longer to give the matte finish than NYC Matte Me Crazy.

Matte Me Crazy is a better matte than e.l.f Matte Finisher. 

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xoxo -Tamala

(NYC Matte Me Crazy was sent for my review, but e.l.f Matte Finisher was purchased by me. My opinions are honest and my own. I wasn't paid for this review. )

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