Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zoya Gloss Collection (Fall 2012 Collection Part I)

Zoya Gloss Sheer Jelly Collection for Fall 2012 consists of 3 gorgeous jelly polishes, Katherine, Paloma and Frida.

Zoya describes each as:
"Katherine: Sheer aubergine jelly gloss, buildable formula
Paloma: Sheer berry red jelly gloss, buildable formula
Frida: Sheer teal blue jelly gloss, buildable formula"

Katherine is a dark purple vampy color. She will be gorgeous for the fall. As always with Zoya, the application was wonderful. Katherine was perfect after three coats. I used three very thin coats because jelly polishes will pool at the nail if the amount on the brush is overwhelming. This also helped build to the perfect color and finish.

Jelly polishes leave a visible nail line (VNL), but they are very good at being "buidable."

Paloma is a nice red with the hint of pink. She is probably my favorite. I do, however love the entire Gloss collection. Paloma was very easy to work with and I was pleased at the brightness of this color.

Paloma reminds me of a juicy fruit; maybe a raspberry or even strawberry jam! It is beyond gorgeous.

Frida is more of a blue with a hint of green. I hope this makes sense. I was a little disappointed with Frida's color. I thought she would be more teal and brighter. I do like Frida, but I think my expectations got the better of me, so I was sort of let down. 

(Please excuse my pinky nail, it has a slight 
yellow look in this picture.)

I used three coats of each jelly in these photos. I know that seems like a lot to some people, but they were thin coats. If you don't want to use three coats and want a brighter look to The Gloss Collection I would suggest using a white base.

Take a look at what I did to these colors by adding a white base color:

Do you see the difference? The fact that this collection is buildable gives you options. Frida, here, looks like I thought she'd look in the photos above. You don't have the VNL, but still the finish of a jelly polish. As a side note, none of these photos have a top coat! This is how Katherine, Paloma and Frida shine naturally.

The Gloss Collection is available now on Zoya's website here as a trio or individually here, here and here.

If you are new to Zoya and sign up using my link you will automatically receive a coupon in your account for a free bottle of Zoya. The coupon will be available in the section "My Account" of the website under "My Coupons/ Promotions" and your coupon code will be there. 

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(The Gloss Collection was sent to me for my honest. All opinions are my own and I wasn't paid for this review.)

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