Friday, August 24, 2012

Beautifying Nail Kit

Today's Fun Freestyle Friday post is dedicated to Dead Sea Premier Beautifying Nail Kit. Dead Sea Premier Beautifying Nail Kit is a stimulating beauty treatment for your nails. It is supposed to erase ridges and help your nails shine. It also is supposed to help reduce snagging, and help your nails stay in better condition in order to grow longer and stronger.

Have you heard of this kit?

The contents of the kit are as follows:

Buffing block
Handy and Body Cream
Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil
Nail File

The Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil is formulated to soften and condition cuticles. It helps the nails grow and helps with the shaping of the nail bed. Application: after buffering, apply cuticle oil to each cuticle.

The Nail File is like other nail files except Dead Sea Premier claims it smooths "away rough nail edges and shape your nail faster and easier than ever before."

The Hand and Body Cream is cream for your hands and body. It is light and glides on easily to allow your skin to breathe, which leaves the skin soft and supple. It is enriched with Dead Sea minerals and natural plant extracts to soften and smooth the skin. When used in combination with the Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil, it help to improve the flexibility of the nails and helps reduce flaking and breakage. Application: massage into your skin after bathing and throughout the day as often as required.

The Buffing Block has three different steps involved. It is a new high tech design buffer that help to bring gleam to the nails and stimulate blood circulation underneath the nails, which encourages healthy growth. Application: remove any nail polish from nails, wash your hands and dry them thoroughly

Step 1: The blue strip removes the lines, ridges and rough texture of your nails. Buff each nail back and forth for 2-3 seconds. Your nails should be smooth. Repeat every 4 weeks.

Step 2: The grey strip removes all remaining ridges and stimulates blood circulation. Buff each nail for 2-3 seconds. Repeat every few weeks as necessary.

Step 3: White side. This side is made out of silk. Buff each nail 5-10 seconds until you reach a glossy shine. This shine won't come off of your nails. 

I really like the Buffing Block and  Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil. I have been using this kit and I can definitely see a change in my nails. I really like how the Buffing Block leaves my nails shiny and cleans up the ridges. I really have a hard time with my nails sometimes because they always seem to flake and snag. This system is really helping with that. 

I like the way the Hand and Body Cream leaves my skin feeling, but I have to be honest and say I don't really like the smell. It's not overwhelming or too strong or anything like that. It's just a weird smell to me. 

If you have problems with your nails peeling, flaking or dry nails and cuticles, I would advise to give Dead Sea Premier Beautifying Nail Kit a try. It will help with these issues. You can find Dead Sea Premier on Facebook and their website. This kit retails for $39.99 and has more scents!

My nails are a working progress, but I will show you guys my two favorite naked nails :-)

Do you see the shine? This is from the kit. 

(My pinky nail is still a little yellow from a polish that stained it and my pointer nail is coming along.) 

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala

(Dead Sea Premier Beautifying Nail Kit was sent to me for review. See the Disclaimer tab for my complete Disclaimer.)


  1. Do u find your polish does not last as long because
    Ur nails r so smooth?

    1. I don't Leave my polish on too long due to my love of polish. Lol. I switch it at least every other day.

  2. I love this kit, the hand cream is great it moisturizes without leaving a greasy feeling.