Thursday, August 2, 2012

Takeover Thursday: Rainy Days

Today is Takeover Thursday! The blog today has been taken over by Rainy From RainyDays79  Check out her post below. Thank you Rainy!!

Ombre Dots...

Hi everyone! You can call me Rainy! First off I would like to thanks Tall Girl in Heels for letting me do a guest blog post for her! This is my first one ever! I will start off by telling you all alittle bit about myself. I started collecting polish in 2010. Before that I would just paint my nails and not really think to much! I can't bare to remember those days when I didn't use a base coat or a top coat and I had no idea what a cuticle was! My first real jump into the nail art world was when I joined Youtube to share tutorials of my nail art, I also began to search for nail art ideas. (You can find my Youtube channel here!).

 I then began to branch out into other forms of sharing and getting ideas for nail art. I joined the blogging community in March 2012. I try and post at least every other day to get my blog out there. (Click here to go to my blog.) Then my lastest new thing was joining Pinterest after hearing all about it from friends, the news etc. (You can find my Pinterest here.) So that is about it. If you want to know alittle more about me or my blog please email me at

Onto the NOTD:

Here is the nail design! Ombre Dots! I really love how this turned out! These nails were inspired by this blog.  My favorite nail would probably be the blue or green because not only am I in love with those two colors I think the ombre turned out best of those nails. The yellow ombre nail turned out well to but I dont like yellow as much. With the pink there are basically two rows of the same color. :(

I used these paints to do the nail design. I would take the dark color use that for the first row, then add white, and then add white again. For the last row I would use the light color that I had in a bottle. On the thumb you could have an orange ombre but I dont have any orange and when I tried to make it, it was a fail so I used Nails Inc. Pudding Lane and just applied that to the whole thumb nail.

That is all I have to say today! Again, I would like to thank Tall Girl in Heels for letting me do a guest blog post! ~Rainy.

Great Ombre Dotticure! I would've never thought to do that. It's so creative. Don't forget to follow Rainy through the links provided.

Thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala


  1. Yay! It looks amazing! Thanks for letting me take over today! :)

    1. My Pleasure! Thanks for wanting to Takeover :-)

  2. very cute!! Your dots are so perfect :)