Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chromes and Metallics from Julep

I told you guys before that I am not a fan of this type of finish. I'll show you just why in the pictures of Isla, Piper and Melanie. I love the color of Melanie and Piper, but I just can't get passed the brush strokes that chromes and metallics leave on the nail.

Isla is a beautiful milky white metallic shine. The color is pretty, but this is definitely not my favorite.

Piper is a very pretty teal metallic. This color reminds me of water or paradise. I really loved this color.

The Brush strokes are very visible. I also 
did not use a top coat.

Melanie is a bluish grey color. This beautiful blue was an add-on for me in my August box. As beautiful as she is the finish made me frown. I really hate seeing brush strokes and such. 

Overall, Melanie applied very well just like Piper and Isla. If chromed and metallic finishes are what you like, then these are definitely the polishes for you. Melanie had a sort of bumpy finish, but as I'm typing this now, I wish I had added a top coat to try to smooth it out a little more.

Julep's Acetone Free Conditioning Nail Polish Remover works well. I don't like the smell, but it works well and doesn't dry the skin. The Remover was used to clean up around the cuticles in the pictures. They are shiny from the remover and not cuticle oil :-)

The items reviewed about are from My August Julep Maven box shown here.

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  1. I love metallic and chrome nail colors! These are sooo awesome! I'm not a fan of Isla, she's too bright for me but gosh the others are just gorgeous!.

    1. I love the colors too, but I'm not to fond of the finishes :-/