Monday, November 19, 2012

China Glaze Holidays Collection 2012

The Holiday Joy Collection:

l to r: Red Satin, Winter Holly, Cranberry 
Splash and Glitter All the Way

Red Satin is a dark red creme, that seems to be perfect for Christmas. The formula is a tad thin and it pooled slightly at the cuticles, but this doesn't take anything away from it's beauty. This is definitely a great Fall into Winter red! Red Satin is a two coater, but make sure to allow ample time between coats or you'll have bald spots. Red Satin is very shiny without a top coat!

Winter Holly is a green base polish with loads of rainbow micro glitter throughout! Winter Holly is a Christmas tree green and the micro glitter reminds me of Christmas tree lights! I loved this polish and I received so many compliments. This is perfect for a Christmas party mani or a Christmas day mani. Winter Holly dries matte. In the pictures below, I show the matte finish on the Middle and pinky fingers and the first and ring finger show top coat.

There's only a slight difference, but it is noticeable. Take a look:

Blurry to show the beautiful colors sparkling :-)

Doesn't Winter Holly remind you of color lights on a Christmas Tree?

Cranberry Splash is a cranberry red color with shimmer. This polish applied great and the finish is excellent even without a top coat. Cranberry Splash, as in the rest of the collection, is perfect for this time of year. I adored this polish, although it is similar to Red Satin.

No Artificial light

Glitter All The Way is a glitter bomb top coat! It is make up of a clear base with loads of nicro glitter in green, pink and gold. I layered this polish over Red Satin. I really liked this over the red color. It screamed Christmas to me. How fun is the name: Glitter All The Way? I love it!!

There's no fishing for glitter here:

The above polishes were sent for review, but a friend sent me Pizzazz as a gift. Since Pizzazz is a part of this collection, I decided to add it here.

Pizzazz is a beautiful glitter with a clear base and LOTS of hex, and square glitter in sliver fuchsia and green. It's so adorable! I'm so happy for the polish.  I decided NOT to put a base color under Pizzazz to see how buildable the glitter was. It was perfect. Two coats are shown in the pictures below and it's pretty opaque.

Pizzazz is so festive!

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*(Products in this post were sent for review except Pizzazz.)


  1. thank you for these swatches and detailed review. who would have guessed that winter Holly dries matte? looks gorge both ways

  2. Great swatches hon!! That red looks awesome on you!