Friday, November 30, 2012

e.l.f Beautifully Bright Nail Polish (review and swatches)

Happy Friday everyone or as my 6 year old said this morning, "Happy last day of November!!" You gotta love kids. Today's post is all about e.l.f (eye lips face). If you are unfamiliar with e.l.f, they're website is here. I love their products! I actually have a lot of their polishes, lip glosses and eye shadows. We'll focus on the Beautifully Bright Nail Polish set pictured below.

The set comes in a package like this and retails for $3. They have several other sets to choose from click here. This set includes Party Peach, Yellow and Teal Blue.

The colors in this set are so fun and pretty. Let's start off with Party Peach.

Party Peach is a pretty coral/orange color with shimmer. This color applied beautifully with little to no streaks. The second coat cleared up any streaks or bald spots. This color is bright, but not neon and very hard to capture with my camera :-(. I tried so many angles and lighting and this polish just wouldn't cooperate. I found that with the flash the color looks too red and without the flash it looks too coral.

She is a beauty though, take a look:

See the beautiful shimmer? 

Yellow is the name of the next color. I laugh every time because it's so straight forward. Yellow is a true yellow. I usually don't like yellows too much because they tend to be streaky and messy, but Yellow was pretty good, actually. The first coat was slightly streaky, but the second coat cleared up any streaks. It's super gorg!!

I'm pretty excited about this yellow! I actually think this is prettier than Party Peach. What do you think of Yellow?

Teal Blue is one in which I am already familiar. I won it back in April of this year and reviewed it here. Apparently, the camera I was using then picked up on the true to color teal, but my new camera wouldn't :-(.
Here are updated pics of Teal Blue:

The first one is a little too green, but close and the second one to WAY too blue! It reminds me of how hard it was to capture butter LONDON Slapper (reviewed here).

Teal Blue is still as gorgeous as it was back in a April :-), but this time I used only one coat and the formula was excellent!! I had no issues with application, formula or dry time.

I really like this set and will be looking at other sets. I may grab a couple as gifts because I have so many colors from e.l.f. Also as a heads up, be sure to grab these when you see them available because they sell out quickly!! e.l.f always has great deals going on and their prices and products are great. Snatch these when you can.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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*(The Beautifully Bright Nail Polish set was provided for review. Please see disclaimer for additional info.)

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