Friday, November 2, 2012

Priti NYC Swatch and Review

Today, I have some pretties from Priti NYC. Priti NYC is a 3-free non-toxic nail polish. This luxury brand retails for $13.50 on their website, here. Their site shows over 100 different colors as well as their organic skin care line.

I'll be reviewing Stonecrop and Painters Palette.

Stonecrop is a gorgeous pea green. It applied easily and the formula was AMAZING! With this color green, I expected Stonecrop to be streaky mess, but I was surprised. The first coat was perfection and the second coat wasn't necessarily needed. I applied it because I like to apply two coats. Keep in mind the thinner the coats are the more coats you'll need. I used a normal coat and I felt that the second coat wasn't really needed because the first covered so well.

Take a look:

Painter Pallete is an amazing purply-maroon color or oxblood color. A lot of people are referring to the color as oxblood now :-p. Anyway, I loved this color once I applied the first coat. Just like Stonecrop, it applied amazingly well AND only one coat is needed. I did, however use two coats for my pictures :-)

Take a looky:

What do you think of these colors? Polishes?

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*(These polishes were sent for review. Please see the disclaimer tab for more information.)


  1. Ohhh Pretty!! I love that Green!! :D

  2. I am such a sucker for greens LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

  3. Both shades looks good on you. :) I like Painter Pallete .. oxblood is a sexy shade ~!!

  4. Gosh I have got to put Priti on my list! Thanks:)