Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Color

Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Color are Toluene, DBP and Formaldehyde free and are available in 16 shades. Most retailers are selling these for $5.79 and up. I have been hearing good things about the Sally Hansen HD (Hi-Definition) polishes, but I never bought any. No real reason, I just didn't. I heard a tip that Christmass Tree Shops had them for $1 I decided to see if one of these stores were located in my area.

I had never heard of this store before and I located two stores fairly close. One was within 20 minutes. I found the store and located the Sally Hansen HD Nail Color for $1! The bad thing is that they only had three different colors: "Pixel Pretty", "Lite" and "Cyber." According to Sally Hansen HD polishes are "Patented formula with Real Liquid Crystals for multi-dimensional color and iridescent shine!"

Pixel Pretty is a blue-green color. It was my favorite of the three I tried. I like how thin it was and not too runny. Cyber is the Purple color. It was really close to my favorite, but I'm more of a blue girl :-). This one went on with little issues as well. Two coats and the color was lovely for both.

Finally, Lite. Well, Lite is yellow. I'm not really a fan of yellow so Lite was okay. Lite was also a little runny, much more than the other two. I had spillage onto my cuticles over and over. I removed and removed and then I was able to do two coats, FINALLY! I'm already not the best nail painter in the world and Lite added to my frustrations. This was my least favorite. I would probably use Lite on my toes only due to the mess it kept making. I'd say I'll definitely use it again though.

Here are some picture of the colors:

Pixel with flash and without a flash. Love this color!!

Cyber is very nice, too! Again, with the flash for the first two and without a flash for the last one.

Lite is a very pretty yellow, but this was too thin and runny. The first is without a flash and the second one is with a flash.

What do you think of the Sally Hansen Hi-Definition Nail Color? Do you have any? How was the formula?

I will definitely be on the look out for the other 13! :-)
Tamala xoxo


  1. Love the colors. Not into yellow but I would try it. Pixel is the fav for me of the 2.

    1. Yeah, I think that'll be a foot color for the summer.