Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wet n Wild ColorIcon

Wet n Wild ColorIcon polishes are so gorgeous! I absolutely love these polishes! I have 6: Believe Me, It's Real, 24 Carats, Back Alley Deals, Give Me A Price Quote, Diamond In The Rough Rockin' Rubies. I used 2 coats in each picture and a Seche Vite top coat. My nails were still rough to touch and I would've liked for them to be a little smoother.

Check out these swatches:

No flash:


No flash and blurry to show the colors in the glitters:

Believe Me, It's Real: Gorgeous Blue Glitter with purple accents! Love this!!

24 Carats: Beautiful Gold bar glitter with bronze bars throughout. This one could have used a 3rd coat.

Back Alley Deals: purple base glitter with pink holo glitter throughout!

This is my Dominant hand and it doesn't look that great. :-/ And this glitter is not forgiving. 

Give Me A Price Quote: least fave and a tad too thick.

 Diamond In The Rough: check out the rainbow colors throughout! This is a gorgeous glitter.

Rockin' Rubies: is just Beautiful! I wore this on Valentine's Day. (click here to view)

I can't tell which is my favorite one. I like them all, however Give Me A Price Quote was my least favorite of the 6. I do think that these could be a tad thinner. They were thick and kind of hard to manage. They are gorgeous though and I will recommend getting these if you can find them in your area. 

They were supposed to be a Walgreens exclusive, but I found these at my local CVS stores. They retail for $2.99. If there are any questions or comments please leave them below :-)

Thanks you for reading, XOXO


  1. very pretty! i am actually impressed with the wet n wild glitters :)

    1. I love them!! I think I'd wear them more as an accent nail though :-)

  2. I love them I need to get my hands on these the litters are just so vibrant! Love it

    1. They really are. There's still a couple I don't have, but these overall are very pretty.