Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I was working on a post for the Wet n Wild ColorIcon collection, well the 6 I have, and decided to go with the Red color because it was so pretty. The Red color is called: Rockin' Rubies and it is beautiful. Upon first glance, you can see the red and pink glitter, but there are more colors involved. Here's a close up of the lacquer to show the variations throughout:

This picture shows the Red, Purple, yellow, green and even pink holographic glitter.
This was perfect for Valentine's day! I'm not really a pink girl so Red works for me. 
The name Rockin' Rubies works! It's definitely Rockin' and so shiny and sparkly! 

More pics:

 It's .34 fl oz. compared to OPI, China Glaze and Zoya that are usually .05 fl oz just to give a comparison. The small square shape has it's good and bad qualities. It's good because it's not bulky and allows for a nice hold while you polish. However, it does seem to be just a smidge too small because it kept slipping through my grasp. Maybe, I just have big hands!! :-)

I absolutely LOVE this color. My Husband loved it too. We decided it'll be perfect for Today! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!

 I'll have another post with the other Wet n Wild ColorIcon polishes I picked up. In depth review about the "chunkiness" and so on.

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