Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Need a Refresh-Mint?

I've been so into Mints polishes. I bought 3 different ones in the same day. I finally decided to use Wet n Wild MegaLast "I Need a Refresh-Mint" and as always I used an accent nail. The accent nail was polished with SinfulColors "Rise and Shine."

Just Like with "Bite The Bullet," the brush that comes with "I Need a Refresh-Mint" is great! One stroke with two coats and your nails looks marvelous. I love the brushes with the new Wet n Wild MegaLast polishes :-) ( to see brush click here)

Here are some pictures of the Manicure:
No flash:

Although "Rise and Shine" isn't a mint I think it went really well as an accent nail.
I tried to get a close shot here so that you can see the sparkle in "Rise and Shine." It has subtle sparkles of the same Teal-ish color throughout:

SinfulColors "Rise and Shine" has excellent coverage. This is two coats as well. This isn't a sheer polish at all I really loved this color. I loved the combination together. 
What do you think? 

Until next time
XO  -Tamala


  1. I have yet to find a mint that I like on me. I'll have to check this one out!

    1. Really Jen? I have no idea why, but I'm currently drawn to this Mint color.

  2. And I must say mint colors look gorgeous on you tamala