Monday, February 27, 2012

Pink & Leopard... & Boozy Brunch

So, I was telling everyone on the Facebook page that I wanted to wear my pink leggings to a party Saturday. After going through lots and lots of shirts I finally decided to go simple black with the bright pink leggings and Leopard Betsey Johnson pumps.

Shirt: It is a plain black tank, but it's Satin! Love it. It has silver beading detailing on the top along with a rose pink that came attached to it. Take a look:

Front View:

Back view:

A closer look at the rose.

The pink Leggings are just that:

They are actually really comfy and have real pockets in the back! Love. (from DSW)


You have seen these before, but I don't care. I still love these shoes!

All together now!

It definitely looks much better on, but I didn't take a picture and I'm no Model so...
What do you think? Good shoe choice or do you think I should have been less bold and went with Black boots?

Give me your opinion below:-)
Thanks for reading.

Before I forget, my nails were still L'oreal's Boozy Brunch :-)

xoxo -Tamala