Friday, April 27, 2012

China Glaze Prism

China Glaze Prismatic Collection has six different colors, but I'm only going to discuss Prism . This is the only one I bought. I wanted  Prism because of the light purple look of it. The purple seems to slightly shift from light purple to a silvery color when in the sun. It looks amazing in the sun. There seems to be a gleaming illusion with this color. 

There are small silver and purple glitter that make up the base, but there is also a rainbow of slightly larger glitter pieces that include red, pink,orange, green and blue. Check out the pictures below:

(Artificial light and flash)

(Natural light and flash)

(Just flash no light)

The first coat of Prism went on with no problems. it was opaque, but not the color I was looking for. I then added another coat and it was amazing. The second coat was much harder to apply. The formula got a little goopy, but once I closed the top and shook it up a little it was much better. Prism is light on the nails. Some lacquers, with lots of glitter, your nails seem heavy once you apply two or more coats, but not with this one. 
I love this look! I keep looking at my hands and that can be dangerous when you're driving :-) (joke). I really would recommend this lacquer. I don't see a holographic effect though. It's more of a shine that makes it appear silver. 

What are you thoughts? Please share...

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(I purchased Prism with my own money and all opinions are my own)

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  1. I just got Ray-diant, but I wanted Prism. I love the Prismatics. This one is so pretty.