Friday, April 6, 2012

Pretty & Polished Hemi-Sphere

Pretty & Polished Hemi-Sphere is a gorgeous dark green with hints of gold shimmer throughout. This was a dream to apply and I LOVE IT! I didn't expect to love this polish the way I do and silly me. I only bought a mini *insert sad face here.* I will be stalking her Etsy to get my hands on a Full size.

According to Pretty & Polished Hemi-Sphere is:

"The gorgeous dark sister of Sphere. This is also a gold to green subtle color changing polish. Except Hemi-Sphere was created to be a little more dark and devious than Sphere. It is a gorgeous shade of green with amazing golden sparkle and shifts from gold to green in certain lights. You can't miss out on this amazing deviant of a polish!"

I didn't see any shifts from Gold to green, but that's fine with me. You can, however, see the gold love throughout and again I LOVE IT!!

What do you think of Hemi-sphere?

I can honestly say that Pretty & Polished has some great polishes. Remember these beauties

As Always thanks for reading,
xoxo -Tamala


  1. Its a beautiful color, but not one that would look good on me. :o /