Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break Trio

The Spring Break Trio from Zoya: Shelby, Wednesday and Tracie. When I heard that Zoya was offering a promo through GMA I jumped on it especially when a trio of the new collection was involved. I wanted Wednesday and Zuza, but Zuza wasn't apart of any trio. I, in turn, decided to go with the Spring Break Trio. I said all of that to say, I would've never thought I'd own a pink and green of this shade.

Let's take a look :-)

 Tracie is a Vibrant yellow-green. It has a Silvery shimmer that tops it off to a gorgeous finish. Tracie scared me at first. The first coat was not a good one, but any streaks were eliminated with the second coat. I love this color and I don't have one like this is my collection.

Shelby is a PINK, pink. It reminded me of Pepto Bismol when I applied it to my nails. I was not really excited about this color on me. I should say I didn't like it at first. Zoya says Shelby is, "Soft but colorful cherry blossom pink with an opaque cream finish."  I didn't immediately take to this color, but the more I wore it the better it got. I love it now! You can say it grew on me ;-)

It's the same color :-)

 WEDNESDAY! When I first saw the promo release of  Zoya's Beach and Surf Collection I fell in love with Wednesday. That's no surprise since I love this teal-mint green-turquoise color. Wednesday applied very well and was opaque in two coats. Wednesday is just gorgeous! No streaks and from what I've seen I'd say a tad brighter than Bevin. I do think they are very close. I don't have it, but I'm lemming Bevin. ;-)

Did you get the GMA promo from Zoya? What Trio did you get? Do own the Beach and Surf Collection?

Thanks for Reading

xoxo -Tamala


  1. I LOVE that you put your bottle of Shelby right next to a bottle of Pepto! I used to go to a restaurant that was painted pepto pink, and while I hated the decor, the food was yummy enough that I kept going back.

    I don't have any of these yet, but Tracie should be on the way to me soon. I'm so excited about it!

    1. Ha ha, Jen! I wanted to show the true color of Shelby.

  2. I love Tracie and Wednesday. I think I'll have to get them with the new account promo. I just bought Bevin and Kristen the other night at Ulta. I couldn't wait to try Zoya a minute longer and I had a coupon.

  3. You already know I LOVE THEM, great review!!