Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jessica & Kristen

I told you guys that I was going to do a swatch comparison of Julep's Jessica and Zoya's Kristen here. This post is dedicated to that. As you can see in the picture above, in the bottle they look like dupes, but I'll show you the slight difference in the two.

 Jessica is described by Julep as "soft and sweet baby blue creme."

In the picture to the left, you can see what Jessica looks like by herself. Very pretty!

Jessica applied very well, but the brush was a little too uncontrollable for my taste. It was a tad bushy.

Jessica can easily be applied in one coat, but I did two coats and a top coat for this swatchicle.

(sn: no clue why the bottle looks that way :-(. I just noticed that.)

Kristin is described as "a gull gray nail polish with a mild blue hue. An ideal cool neutral colors that covers fully opaque in two coats."

Zoya's Kristen is a very popular color! She is beautiful. A bit of a dusty blue that applies very well. Kristen is not as bright as Jessica, but perfect.

The brush on her wasn't bushy as with Jessica. It was smaller, but I had more control.

Zoya gets the prize here for better brush.

Here's a side by side comparison. Jessica is on the left and Kristen is on the right. Jessica is perfect for Spring and Kristen is perfect for Winter. These are the seasons they were meant for. Both Julep and Zoya knew what they were doing here!

I love them both and as I told you guys here you don't NEED both, but I do like both. One for the Spring and one for the Winter.

So in the Jessica vs Kristen who wins for you? Is there a winner?

As always thanks for reading.

xoxo Tamala


  1. Both are pretty I have Kristen and love her!

    1. I actually love both of these. They are beauties :-)