Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Julep gets it right!

The Colors above are Julep's Charlotte, Taylor and Anne. They're all a shade of Purple in my book. I have seen where Taylor has been referred to as a blue, though. I think Taylor looks blue in some photos and then she looks purple in others. Judge this color for yourself. I tried to get the best representation of Taylor so you could judge.

Per Julep: Taylor is a "deep, sky blue crème. Somewhere between periwinkle and denim funky, but not too flashy." Anne is "ultra-saturated violet," and Charlotte is a "demure lavender." 

(Artificial light no flash) 
Top to Bottom: Charlotte, Anne, Taylor

(No light only flash) l to r: Charlotte, Anne, Taylor


All of these shades of purple are cremes. They are lovely. No streaking and they apply very good. I didn't have any issues with the formula and they dried fast. I used two coats of each and a top coat. The finish was perfection. I cannot say anything bad about any of the colors here. Julep did a wonderful job when making these colors.

I must say that I was surprised. I thought that there would be streaking, at least on the first coat, but there wasn't. I thought the formula or brush would be an issue, but again I has no issues. I give Julep an A+ on all three!! I cannot say enough about them :-) I was very impressed.

(The bottle is Taylor in Artificial light no flash) This is 
the best true to life representation I could get.

(The bottle is Anne in flash only, no light) Anne is a 
gorgeous color. Love her! Taylor looks blue here.

(The bottle is Charlotte in flash no light.) Charlotte is a 
very pretty lavender creme.

As I have stated throughout this post, I love each of these colors! I don't have a favorite. The application, formula and overall quality is great. (Not a Julep Maven yet? Click Here to sign up and use promo code PENNY to receive your intro box for a penny :-) Hurry!!)

Do you have any of these colors? Which is your favorite? Is Taylor blue or purple? Share your comments below.

Thanks for reading
xoxo -Tamala

(*Charlotte came in my monthly maven box, Anne came is my Easter mystery box and Taylor was a gift. All opinions are my own. I wasn't paid for this post)


  1. I love purple polish...I like Charlotte the best from your pics above. They all look pretty!

  2. I am loving Charlotte. I think Taylor looks like a royal blue

    1. It's one of those colors that you have to see in person. Blurple lol

  3. I am hoping I can grab Taylor (and maybe Jessica, although I think now that I have Zoya Kristen, they're kinda close) with the $50 GC I got in my Spring Mystery Box, because I've loved how intense and bright it is in every picture I've seen of it & when I saw it in Sephora the other day. I got Anne in my intro Julep box and want to try that one too. Love purple!

    1. Here's a link to my comparison on Jessica and Kristen http://1tallgirlinheels.blogspot.com/2012/04/jessica-kristen.html

      These purple are gorg!!